(AJ Hernz taking the stage!)

So we were fortunately able to nab a VIP pass for the big Sneaker Palooza event, and we were able to catch all the artists performing upfront and live. When I say upfront… I literally mean two feet from the stage, it was RIDICULOUS! There were tons of acts throughout the event each one talented and amazing at their craft, but as the night grew young, the crowd slowly filled the seats.

One of the first acts of the night, I never got the name of this crew, although I wished I did, but they really rocked the house!

Finishing it off like true stars.

Another talented artist takes the stage.

Even Alyssa Bernal of Star Trak (Pharrell Williams’ record label) came out to put up a great show for the audience! She literally killed it, and gave us the proof we needed to see her success on the Star Trak label.

More rappers hit up the stage to strut their skills.

San Antonio hometown hero, Bugsby, hits up the stage and tears the house down with his swag. Definitely a star in the making!

And the penultimate performance of the night was that of AJ Hernz who just finished the  Young Money tour. He put on a great show that got the entire crowd hyped and energized. He was busting a move everywhere on the stage, which evidently made most of the female audience swoon into his hands. The dude was legit though, no doubt.

AJ Hernz even paid tribute to the belated Michael Jackson for the night. A great way to wrap up the night, before the big fashion show and the final performance of the night by… None other than WALE! YEA SON! WHUDUP! To be continued…