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Anime Central (ACEN) 2015 TOY STORY “You’ve Got A Friend In Me – Randy Newman” Cosplay Music Video By RealTDragon

ZZZZAnime Central ACEN 2015 Cosplay Music Video Arigatou Appreciation 2_00000

You’ve got a friend in me, so don’t worry be happy and feel the togetherness! Here’s another video from Anime Central (ACEN) 2015 this past weekend celebrating the bond and love in the con/cosplay community though the tune of Randy Newman’s Toy Story track. Please enjoy, stay positive, and remember Stop Hate, Make Love!

Nothing wrong with a little bit of tough love between Sinbad & Judar.

ZZZZAnime Central ACEN 2015 Cosplay Music Video Arigatou Appreciation 2_00001

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Anime Central (ACEN) 2015 “THANK YOU ARIGATOU” – Home Made Kazuko COSPLAY Music Video By RealTDragon

ZZZZAnime Central ACEN 2015 Cosplay Music Video Arigatou Appreciation 2_00003

Opportunity opened up to visit Anime Central (ACEN) 2015 this year so last minute I decided to go and might I say I’ll never regret it for the rest of my life. The con is filled with talented cosplayers, amazing beautiful people and smiles/laughs all over! Here’s my cosplay music video covering the con, MORE ACEN VIDEOS SOON!

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Cosplay PickUp: Dragon Ball Z Pick Up Lines @ Anime Matsuri 2015 Ft. MeanMug713 By RealTDragon

ZZZZAnime Central ACEN 2015 Cosplay Music Video Arigatou Appreciation 2_00004

Cosplay Pickup is back once again! This time we bombarb Anime Matsuri 2015 with lame and corny DragonBall Z pick up lines because this is our lives and we want to make girls feel beautiful with our power levels. Came together with my friend MeanMug713 for this one and the video speaks for itself, we had a terrific time being semi-gentleman.

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COSPLAY ADVENTURE #11 Katsucon 2015 VeganLife, Cosplay, Smiles, And Potatoes By RealTDragon

ZZZZAnime Central ACEN 2015 Cosplay Music Video Arigatou Appreciation 2_00002

Cosplay Adventure episode #11 at Katsucon 2015 is here, finally. I mean it’s only been 5 months since releasing the last cosplay adventure, forgive me. Since making the PONPONPON cosplay music video, which forced me continuously listen to that cute song thousands of times, my music taste has morphed and thus led to the creation of this adventure video. The adventure is filled with all kinds of cute interactive effects and music, plus beautiful people and a lot of smiles. I believe even Lindsey Elyse, Yaya Han, Jessica Nigiri, and many more make an appearance. Thank you for a radtastic time!

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Anime Matsuri 2015 “PONPONPON Kyary Pamyu Pamyu” Cosplay Music Video Ft. Toshi Dollfille X RealTDragon W/ Behind The Scenes BTS!

PONPONPON dollfille youtube thumbnail_00200

It’s finally here and out the, “PONPONPON Kyary Pamyu Pamyu” Ft. Toshi Dollfille X RealTDragon” Cosplay Music Video, it only took a little bit over a month to edit and finalize haha. Collaborated with Toshi, aka Dollfille, for the video and overall this project really felt like coming full circle in with the supportive Texas cosplay scene. I’ve been making videos at Texas cons since 2011 and all the connection and friends I’ve made through out the years really came together and all put their 110% in making the video great! Thank you all, watch the full video below as well as some BTS notes!

This video all started with a tweet from Cosplay In America a month before Anime Matsuri 2015. Basically sharing the idea of doing a line dance music video, and I was down because I’ve always wanted to do a line dance/flashmob video. I chose PONPONPON as the song I wanted to set the music video to and from then out everything kind of just fell into place one step at a time. So here’s a list of the step by step necessity things I needed to make the video happen: Dancers, Cosplayers, A Krary Pamyu Pamyu Cosplayer, Camera Help, Beautiful Locations, ect. Luckily Anime Matsuri was the perfect community melting pot to achieve most of this, though I’ll be honest I never found a Krary Pamyu Pamyu cosplayer but Dollfille, was the perfect aid to this problem. For camera help my good friend Kevin The Director assisted me with his DGI Ronin rig and it was spectacular!

PONPONPON CMV Youtube thumbnail ddd_00046

Here’s Rachel and Arielle, these two were amazing they led most of the group dancing scenes by being upfront to stunt the dance. They were straight troopers and dance-aholics that I couldn’t have made the video without. Seriously they must have danced the PONPONPON dance over 10 times everyday.

PONPONPON CMV Youtube thumbnail ddd_00068

A shot of the whole group choreographed dance scene. Cool fact, yes this was all planned we made a facebook event page for a PONPONPON meet up that received over a 100 attendees in the first night, it was pretty thrilling. Originally we were suppose to shoot outside but we got rained out and had to choose a new time and place too meet, we got lucky this year since Anime Matsuri had all the photoshoot set ups inside. Thus making the video look like it was placed at a magical mushroom factory full of dancing cats!

PONPONPON CMV Youtube thumbnail ddd_00080

Dollfille and I dancing and singing for the collaboration! It was an amazing fun time shooting, and making all the cute emoticons took forever but it was all worth it. For all you Easter egg folks out there Waldo is somewhere in the video, so if you guys find him you get bonus points! (This picture is the hint to finding Waldo…)

PONPONPON CMV Youtube thumbnail ddd_00020

Origin story telling time! First came into contact with Dollfille at Katsucon 2015 when Jeremy, aka Cosplay With Me, and I were shooting “Pokemon Pick Lines”, and she just happened to be one of the blessed souls we approached. In fact, I didn’t even really have a first meeting with her since Jeremy was the one who approached her, so when I saw her at Anime Matsuri I had fingers crossed on whether she’d remember me or not.  Funny thing is that this whole collab with Dollfille was last minute on the spot. I saw her attending the con and when I asked her during the 2nd day of Anime Matsuri if she’d like to shoot a short scene she said she was totally down. From there on we just kept on rolling and shooting in various location since I felt she truly embodied the vision for the music video I wanted. She went all out as a performer and really rocked the cosplay music video into making it into what it is today. Thanks for joining in the fun!

PONPONPON CMV Youtube thumbnail ddd_00058

Overall Anime Matsuri 2015 was a blessing that I can’t be more thankful for I met new and old friends of all kinds, and opportunities were made. Positive vibes to the max, dance, smiles, togetherness, beautiful people it was an honest 10/10. Remember guys like always Stop Hate, Make Love & Earth, Water, Fire, Air I declare a pinky swear!

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