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Houston Con 2014 A Collision of Cosplayers, Artists, & Cool Collectors!

Houston Con LoyalKNG 2014547

Houston Con is a re-borned version of Space City Con whom which had it’s up in down during it’s convention runs. So for Houston Con this was a fresh first year for it’s venture into con culture. It was a bit smaller than what I had expected, but they had many fan-favorite guests that came through to such as a large cast of Power Rangers actors and actresses.

Houston Con LoyalKNG 2014454

Joey in his White Ranger suit along with Maira showing off her Pink Ranger helmet after a long day of cosplaying in her full gear.

Houston Con LoyalKNG 2014456

Houston Con LoyalKNG 2014461

Vera in her home-made Attack On Titan Cosplay!

Houston Con LoyalKNG 2014466

A viscous Predator has appeared!

Houston Con LoyalKNG 2014470

Michael Luu manning the Texas Morphin Power Ranger booth!

Houston Con LoyalKNG 2014471

Maira as the amazing Chun-Li!

Houston Con LoyalKNG 2014476

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Anime Fest 2014 Invasion of All The Greatest Fun of Con-Going All in One Place

Anime Fest LoyalKNG 2014617

Anime Fest has always been an enjoyable convention for us, and it is no different for this years adventure. We’ve been scouring the halls and lobbies for all our old and new friends, and with every corner filled with enthusiastic con-goers it allowed for an exciting experience.

Anime Fest LoyalKNG 2014569

The Dallas Fan Girls, Laura, Krystle and team all getting on their Josie and the Pussycat get-up.

Anime Fest LoyalKNG 2014561

Mike Jones, Daft Punk, and James, kicking it!

Anime Fest LoyalKNG 2014571

Jennifer hiding in Solid Snake’s hide-out box.

Anime Fest LoyalKNG 2014579

Anime Fest LoyalKNG 2014598

Anime Fest LoyalKNG 2014599

Anime Fest LoyalKNG 2014600

Anime Fest LoyalKNG 2014603

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Wizard World Chicago 2014 a Highlight in All the Cool Comic Cosplayers

Wizard World Chicago LoyalKNG 2014376

We had the privilege to experience our first venture into Wizard World’s Comic Con in Chicago this passing weekend, and it was a wonderful time shared with new friends. We made the 15hr long drive all the way from Texas to Chicago, and when we arrived we went straight to loading in and setting up our Loyal K.N.G. booth. After the con opened doors, thousands of spectators and cosplayers feel every corridor of the venue.

Wizard World Chicago LoyalKNG 2014346

A wonderful cosplay of the Death Shinigami from Deathnote.

Wizard World Chicago LoyalKNG 2014347

The Blue Ranger in the Gold Dragon Shield share a pic with these ladies.

Wizard World Chicago LoyalKNG 2014348

John Cena look alike and his girlfriend, Emma Frost.

Wizard World Chicago LoyalKNG 2014350

Some cool homies we met over the weekend, Brian and Adam!

Wizard World Chicago LoyalKNG 2014359

Swag Batman alert.

Wizard World Chicago LoyalKNG 2014361

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San Japan’s 2014 Rounds of Cosplayers Part 2

San Japan LoyalKNG 2014215

The journey of San Japan’s team of cosplayers continue as we showcase some of the cool costumed heroes and pop-culture icon conjured by Japanese-enthused folks. If you missed it check out our first part here.

San Japan LoyalKNG 2014239

San Japan LoyalKNG 2014237

San Japan LoyalKNG 2014240

San Japan LoyalKNG 2014242

San Japan LoyalKNG 2014243

San Japan LoyalKNG 2014244

San Japan LoyalKNG 2014245

San Japan LoyalKNG 2014246

San Japan LoyalKNG 2014250

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San Japan 2014 Coverage Visiting all The EXTREME Cosplayers Part 1

San Japan LoyalKNG 2014207

Our first go around at San Japan to test the waters was pretty fun. Being one of the premiere anime convention in San Antonio, San Japan provides a cool and enjoyable location along the river walk for all attendees to visit and kick it. Along with the cast of wonderfully bright and diverse cosplayers out and about, many folks could walk the river and visit the River center mall. There were activities to do outside of San Japan that made this trip a plus in our books.

San Japan LoyalKNG 2014173

San Japan LoyalKNG 2014179

San Japan LoyalKNG 2014191

San Japan LoyalKNG 2014194

San Japan LoyalKNG 2014195

San Japan LoyalKNG 2014196

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