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Dragon Con 2014 “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” By Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell Cosplay Music Video Ft. Kill La Kill, Marvel, League of Legends Cosplay!

MARVIN Dragon Con 2014 Aint No Mountain High Enough Cosplay Music Video 2_00019

Dragon Con 2014 is being rushed with fantastic videos from all around, catch and see RealTDragon’s latest cosplay lip sync music video set to “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough Marvin Gaye & Tammi Terrell” for the con. The video show cases a various amount of cosplayers from Kill La Kill to League of Legends singing and dancing to the groove of the music!

Kill La Kill on Dragon Con renown photo area stair steps!

MARVIN Dragon Con 2014 Aint No Mountain High Enough Cosplay Music Video 2_00009

This is about half of the giant Marvel group meet up, many cosplayers came out to show their best.

MARVIN Dragon Con 2014 Aint No Mountain High Enough Cosplay Music Video 2_00005

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Interstellar “Daft Punk VS DRAGON CON 2014″ Epic Cosplay Dance Party By RealTDragon, Discover The Art of Electric Dance!

DragonCon 2014 DaftPunk Dance Party_00000

Dragon Con 2014 starts off with the techno duo, Daft Punk, bringing the funk to the crowd as they travel throughout the con dancing their hearts out and helping people lose their selves to dance. RealTdragon comes together with Cosplay With Me for this fun video and their adventure finds cosplays of all kinds.

The Daft Punk duo dances it off with the Mario Warfare Beat Down Boogie crew!

DragonCon 2014 DaftPunk Dance Party 2_00005

Frozen’s let it go, meats bunny, meets Daft Punk!

DragonCon 2014 DaftPunk Dance Party 2_00012

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Amazing Houston Con 2014 Starring Samurai Darth Vader Cosplay & More!

Amazing Houston Con LoyalKNG 2014699

This passing weekend, we rolled through on of Houston’s first inaugural Amazing Houston Con. We had no idea what type of convention it would be or the turn out, but we knew comic legends would be there in attendance, such as Jim Lee, Rob Liefeld, and even Toy Hunter’s Jordan Hembrough. After all was said and done, Amazing Houston Con was a great success. Many families attended all thanks to their ingenious Groupon campaign, along with many notable cosplayers.

Amazing Houston Con LoyalKNG 2014703

Amazing Houston Con LoyalKNG 2014673

Han showing off her latest Tattoo.

Amazing Houston Con LoyalKNG 2014680

Life-size bust of the Joker and the Alien!

Amazing Houston Con LoyalKNG 2014681

Amazing Houston Con LoyalKNG 2014683

Amazing Houston Con LoyalKNG 2014684

Amazing Houston Con LoyalKNG 2014688

Amazing Houston Con LoyalKNG 2014692

Amazing Houston Con LoyalKNG 2014696

Amazing Houston Con LoyalKNG 2014698

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Mauricio Lopez X SOONBE Release MUSIC VIDEO ‘TU BRASO’ – Coping Imperfection

Mauricio_LoyalKNG 718x400

Our very own film director, Mauricio Lopez, have created an impressive abstract look into coping with imperfection and losing a part of one self. Mauricio has long been striving for the road less traveled in his work along with redefining the genre in film. He gives us a dark noir film that builds on a ethereal melodic atmosphere provided by Soonbe’s “Tanuki” in this music video entitled, “Tu Braso”.

Mauricio Lopez:

“Humans are imperfect. That’s what makes us real. The character in the film tries to connect with what is “perfect” (forcing of the arm scene.) The struggle to replace who you are because it may be considered safe or normal is what inspired this film’. His music is inspired by artists like FKA Twigs, Spooky Black and SBTRKT. For this dark and heavy base track he collaborated with Soonbe, a Glasgow based music artist. Watch their film below.

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Houston Con 2014 A Collision of Cosplayers, Artists, & Cool Collectors!

Houston Con LoyalKNG 2014547

Houston Con is a re-borned version of Space City Con whom which had it’s up in down during it’s convention runs. So for Houston Con this was a fresh first year for it’s venture into con culture. It was a bit smaller than what I had expected, but they had many fan-favorite guests that came through to such as a large cast of Power Rangers actors and actresses.

Houston Con LoyalKNG 2014454

Joey in his White Ranger suit along with Maira showing off her Pink Ranger helmet after a long day of cosplaying in her full gear.

Houston Con LoyalKNG 2014456

Houston Con LoyalKNG 2014461

Vera in her home-made Attack On Titan Cosplay!

Houston Con LoyalKNG 2014466

A viscous Predator has appeared!

Houston Con LoyalKNG 2014470

Michael Luu manning the Texas Morphin Power Ranger booth!

Houston Con LoyalKNG 2014471

Maira as the amazing Chun-Li!

Houston Con LoyalKNG 2014476

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