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LEAGUE OF LEGENDS “HOW TO BE A LIFETAKER” Music Video Parody (Marina & The Diamonds “How To Be A Heartbreaker) By RealTDragon

League of Legends How to be a life taker Thumbnail_00000

New Video on the RealTdragon channel “LEAGUE OF LEGENDS – HOW TO BE A LIFETAKER Parody Music Video”! A few weeks ago I was hit up by a few friends and we collaborated to make this piece. The MV is a parody spoof of Marina & The Diamonds “How To Be A Heartbreaker,” done with Katarina and her team from League of Legends being tempting lifetakers instead of heart breakers. Shot at Austin Tx during Ikkicon 2015.

Big thanks to the talented Morgan Berry Aka Unknown Songbird for singing the track, Cosplay With Me for camera work and assistant directing, and of course Jade Cosplay, Down Right Fierce Cosplay, Charley Davis Art, Polaris Cub Cosplay, Nikki Wiki, for starring and rocking out their cosplays!

The League of Legends Cosplay crew featuring Katarina, Darius, Teemo, ect.

Z lkng blog League of Legends How To Be A Life Taker Parody Music Video_00045

A bewitching glare lies behind a temptress’s lips.

Z lkng blog League of Legends How To Be A Life Taker Parody Music Video_00043

What’s a music video with out some dance moves & swords.

Z lkng blog League of Legends How To Be A Life Taker Parody Music Video_00044

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Houston Sneaker Summit Winter 2014 End of Year Sneaker Convention

Houston Sneaker Summit LoyalKNG 20141435

Houston Sneaker Summit Winter 2014 caps off the year with it’s bi-annual TX sneaker event. As usual the building filled to the brim with enthused sneakers and fashion-conscience homies and ladies. Attendees enjoyed the hip-hop laced music provided by the great DJ’s, local TX Fashion brands, and the various rare and exclusive sneakers collection showcased by Sneakerheads.

Houston Sneaker Summit LoyalKNG 20141409

Houston Sneaker Summit LoyalKNG 20141419

Houston Sneaker Summit LoyalKNG 20141425

Houston Sneaker Summit LoyalKNG 20141426

Houston Sneaker Summit LoyalKNG 20141429

Houston Sneaker Summit LoyalKNG 20141431

 Houston Sneaker Summit LoyalKNG 20141442

Houston Sneaker Summit LoyalKNG 20141444

Houston Sneaker Summit LoyalKNG 20141446

Houston Sneaker Summit LoyalKNG 20141449

Houston Sneaker Summit LoyalKNG 20141450

Houston Sneaker Summit LoyalKNG 20141455

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Break Yo Self 8 the Last Bboy & Dance Tournament of 2014 in Dallas TX

Break Yo Self 8 LoyalKNG 20141377

Capping the year off in a grand fashion, our friends of the Anybody crew hosts the fun and exciting event, Break Yo Self 8. The event brings together all dancers of all type from all over TX to battle it out for the grand prizes. There was many cool vendors that supported the event such as Kareless, Kendama, XEnergy, Sqaure Prints, and ect. Among the enjoyable and energetic dance battles, it was very nice to be around great people and strong youths of our current generations.

Break Yo Self 8 LoyalKNG 20141344

Some of the leaders of the dance scene in DFW area!

Break Yo Self 8 LoyalKNG 20141345

A couple of grand prize winners of the Bboy competition with their prize plaque!

Break Yo Self 8 LoyalKNG 20141354

Break Yo Self 8 LoyalKNG 20141356

The INC dance crew posted up like mafias.

Break Yo Self 8 LoyalKNG 20141360

Break Yo Self 8 LoyalKNG 20141362

Break Yo Self 8 LoyalKNG 20141363

Break Yo Self 8 LoyalKNG 20141367

Break Yo Self 8 LoyalKNG 20141368

Break Yo Self 8 LoyalKNG 20141370

Break Yo Self 8 LoyalKNG 20141390

Break Yo Self 8 LoyalKNG 20141391

Break Yo Self 8 LoyalKNG 20141393

Break Yo Self 8 LoyalKNG 20141400

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San Diego Comic Con 2014 A Recap of Costumed Heroes & Linkin Park Concert!

SDCC LoyalKNG 20141428

San Diego Comic Con 2014 has been over for almost half a year, but we still have a few photos backed up to release from the amazing inaugural Con. From fan favorite League of Legends cosplays to the usual Marvel and DC cosplay, there are amazing costumes every where.

SDCC LoyalKNG 20141409

Wolverine and the Femme Captain America strikes a pose.

SDCC LoyalKNG 20141410

A Games of Throne gathering.

SDCC LoyalKNG 20141411

People lining up for a few miles to get into the convention.

SDCC LoyalKNG 20141412

SDCC LoyalKNG 20141414

SDCC LoyalKNG 20141415

SDCC LoyalKNG 20141416

SDCC LoyalKNG 20141417

SDCC LoyalKNG 20141419

SDCC LoyalKNG 20141421

SDCC LoyalKNG 20141423

SDCC LoyalKNG 20141425

SDCC LoyalKNG 20141426

SDCC LoyalKNG 20141429

[

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New York Comic Con 2014 Cosplay Round Up! One Piece, Gamora, Transformers & More!

NYCC LoyalKNG 20141348

New York City brings one of the largest Comic Con in the nation with NYCC 2014! NYCC has garnered over 100k attendees who’ve flown in worldwide to attend and experience the comic culture together. It comes to no surprise with that much of an attendance rate that we’d get to witness some wonderful cosplay action. We were on site to capture some of the most outstanding cosplayers we could chase after.

NYCC LoyalKNG 20141345

All the Harley Quins you can shake a fist at.

NYCC LoyalKNG 20141347

A beautiful rendition of Guardians of the Galaxy’s Gamora.

NYCC LoyalKNG 20141349

You got the new female Thor, but how bout we get a female Loki too?

NYCC LoyalKNG 20141350

Red Skull bossin’!

NYCC LoyalKNG 20141353

Grimlock in his mech form!

NYCC LoyalKNG 20141354

Star Wars troopers and assassin cosplays!

NYCC LoyalKNG 20141355

Live art showcase!

NYCC LoyalKNG 20141356

NYCC LoyalKNG 20141357

NYCC LoyalKNG 20141358

NYCC LoyalKNG 20141359

[

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