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Japanese Festival in Dallas 2014 – A Cultural Celebration for the Land of the Rising Sun

Japanese Dallas LoyalKNG 20141059

Watching Anime and reading manga is and will probably always be a huge influence on my life. I owe a big gratitude to the Japanese culture for giving me the creative insight into a world of fantasy, action, and art, that help shaped my personal take on life and on the Loyal K.N.G. brand. So being able to attend Dallas’ annual Japanese Festival was a treat to visit. The Japanese festival had cool little games for the kids, assortment of Japanese food and treats, along with tons of our DFW friends all around kicking it and enjoying the afternoon.

Japanese Dallas LoyalKNG 20141061

Japanese Dallas LoyalKNG 20141020

Japanese Dallas LoyalKNG 20141021

Japanese Dallas LoyalKNG 20141024

Japanese Dallas LoyalKNG 20141036

Japanese Dallas LoyalKNG 20141038

Japanese Dallas LoyalKNG 20141039

Japanese Dallas LoyalKNG 20141041

Japanese Dallas LoyalKNG 20141045

Japanese Dallas LoyalKNG 20141046

Japanese Dallas LoyalKNG 20141047

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Retropalooza 2014 A Gathering for All Classic Gaming Culture – Nintendo, Sega, Xbox, & More!

Retropalooza LoyalKNG 2014986

(Our Loyal K.N.G. team posted up at Retropalooza)

Growing up, I could remember me and my younger brothers would sit a feet away from our television button-mashing to retro games like SNES’ Killer Instinct, traversing the lands of Super Mario World, or even enjoy the ultimate Mario RPG fantasy in Super Mario RPG. These classic games were a major part of my childhood, and it’ll always be a point of enjoyment and memories that will always leave a mark in my life’s youthful history. Now thanks to event like Retropalooza, we get to revisit that era again in late 80’s and 90’s gaming as vendors bring out the past for our millennial generation.

Retropalooza LoyalKNG 20141018

Along with gaming sprawled across the venue, there were even a few awesome cosplayers such as this Final Fantasy’s Tifa.

Retropalooza LoyalKNG 2014988

Our homie, Lance, showing off his racing skills on N64 Mario Kart.

Retropalooza LoyalKNG 2014991

Collectors bring out their 10-15 year old toy collection for others to indulge on if they wanted.

Retropalooza LoyalKNG 2014992

Retropalooza LoyalKNG 2014993

Retropalooza LoyalKNG 2014995

Retropalooza LoyalKNG 2014996

Retropalooza LoyalKNG 20141000

Retropalooza LoyalKNG 20141001

Retropalooza LoyalKNG 20141002

Retropalooza LoyalKNG 20141003

Retropalooza LoyalKNG 20141005

Retropalooza LoyalKNG 20141009

Retropalooza LoyalKNG 20141011

Retropalooza LoyalKNG 20141013

Retropalooza LoyalKNG 20141014

Retropalooza LoyalKNG 20141015

Retropalooza LoyalKNG 20141019

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Anime Weekend Atlanta (AWA) 2014, Jackson 5 “I Want You Back” Cosplay Music Video By RealTdragon Ft. Yaya Han, Marvel X DC, Smiles!

Anime Weekend Atlanta AWA 2014 Jackson 5 "I Want You Back" Cosplay Music Video FINALL 2_00055

This past weekend over in Atlanta, Georgia, Anime Weekend Atlanta celebrated it’s 20th anniversary. Today I’m here to bring you RealTdragon’s coverage of the event at Anime Weekend Atlanta (AWA) 2014, this time set to Jackson 5 “I Want You Back”. The Cosplay music video features a positive vibe of the convention with dancing good times, great cosplays, and smiles all around.

The amazingly talented cosplayer Yaya Han makes an appearance in the video.

Anime Weekend Atlanta AWA 2014 Jackson 5 "I Want You Back" Cosplay Music Video FINALL 2_00045

Nothing like good times with Mermaid Man & Barnacle Boy.

Anime Weekend Atlanta AWA 2014 Jackson 5 "I Want You Back" Cosplay Music Video FINALL 2_00033

Crashing the Marvel X DC photoshoot!

Anime Weekend Atlanta AWA 2014 Jackson 5 "I Want You Back" Cosplay Music Video FINALL 2_00058

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C4 Coastal Con in Ventura California Recap – More Cosplays & Costumed Heroes!

C4 LoyalKNG 2014887

(Miles Morales’ Spider-man attacking Doc Ock as he preys on AraƱa. )

We traveled all the way from Texas to Ventura, California, to attend C4 Coastal Comic Con. During our weekend stay there, outside of the beautiful sightseeing along the beaches and coast side of California, C4 had a lot of well-known cosplayers come through to show off their latest work of art. Check out a few photos of the con below:

C4 LoyalKNG 2014881

Magneto shows his power against the incapacitated Wolverine.

C4 LoyalKNG 2014885

Super Sonico makes her appearance… And we can’t stop screaming “KAWAIII”.

C4 LoyalKNG 2014910

Sara Moni’s incredible Gamora cosplay was a show stopper.

C4 LoyalKNG 2014823

C4 LoyalKNG 2014828

C4 LoyalKNG 2014824

C4 LoyalKNG 2014826

Bulk and Skull posing it up with Dynamite Afro Man!

C4 LoyalKNG 2014829

C4 LoyalKNG 2014831

C4 LoyalKNG 2014834

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Dragon Con 2014 “Everything D*Con PARADE, POOL PARTY, LOBBY – Epic Cosplay Music Video” By RealTDragon, Dancing Party Time Included!

All this Time DragonCon_00054

It’s Dragon Con 2014, day 57, over here and the party is still partying as hard as ever! Well at least for RealTDragon it is, who just released his 4th and final video for DragonCon this year, “EVERYTHING DRAGON CON 2014 – PARADE, POOL PARTY, LOBBY – Epic Cosplay Music Video” which show cases girls dancing and swimming as well as guys to. See the parade as if you were there in SLOW-MOTION, or live the dream of swimming with League of Legends cosplayers at the local pool in SLOW-MOTION. Either way it’s a good time filled with smiles and dancing, hope you enjoy.

The con life is alive with an abundance of energy!

All this Time DragonCon_00026


All this Time DragonCon_00035

Seriously, a majority of the video is filled with smiles, dancing, and over all a good time.

All this Time DragonCon_00039

Dragon*Con 2014 was a blast.

All this Time DragonCon_00041

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