Day 2 of Comic Palooza has just wrapped up, and I have all these photos to show for it. With my previous cover of Day 1, here, Day 2 was basically double the fun of day 1 and double the exhaustion. From the get-go at 9am when the door to the venue opens until 10pm when some of the last few panels ended, the team and I were burned out from all the explosive craziness the convention had to offer. Whether it was the constant barrage of amazing cosplays, exciting entertainments, such as wrestling, celebrity death matches, celebrity panels, live-art auctions, and bands, to name a few, it felt like we all experienced a week worth of activities in under a day. Comic Palooza definitely knows how to host a convention, and Day 2 of the event did not disappoint.

Nick Gillard, the Harrison Ford of stunt coordination, teaches his Jedi Academy classes to the youngsters.


Cosplay Chess!

The Crowd from the True Blood’s Kristen Bauer panel.

The puddie monsters!

The arrival of the GOLD RANGER!

Turbo Red Ranger!

Sean Patrick Flannery!

Them Captain America folks!

Our friends, Adam as Chewbacca and Krystal as Wonder Woman!

Veronica Taylor, voice actress!  She did the voice for Ash Ketchum of Pokemon!

The Live-art auction!

The Midnight Carnival band!