Last weekend the Loyal K.N.G. team dropped through to support our very good friend Dustin Cavazos as he headlines his first concert at the House of Blues of Dallas, TX. This move for him is a monumental and pivotal point in his hip-hop musical career which marks all his hardworks and efforts of his journey along with his team. I’m especially proud to have known and supported Dustin’s endeavors through the year and witness first-hand his musical growth and humbled down-to-earth care he takes to his musicianship. Dustin builds a positive relationship with all his supporters, family, and friends, and it’s easy to see how listeners can quickly fall in love with his work!

Shout outs to Dustin Cavazos for all his hardwork and hip-hop music!

Check out Dustin video blog post his performance at the House of Blues as we all dine together at the local IHop!

The amazing crowd that drop through to support Dustin!

Our lovelies, Nancy and PhiPhi!

Thien, Bianca and friend!

Dustin Cavazos killing it!