Every year, FSA (Filipino Student Association) hosts a traditional Filipino festival called Goodphil, where young adults of all shape, sizes and race come together to showcase their creative and athletic abilities in sports, dancing, and tournaments. This year, we made it out to the 2012 Goodphil festival to attend and showcased Loyal K.N.G. during the opening ceremony for the weekend long celebration of the youth Filipino culture. It was a great evening to catch all the various college campuses from all around Texas throw down their greatest dance routines to prove to the state who truly is the greatest this year.

Colleges like UNT, UTD, UTSA, and more all train hard all year round to showcase their creative dance choreos.

And, of course, the competition is extremely tight when each campuses focus on being the greatest.

…Which makes it a greater show for the spectators… Without of doubt, we witness some amazing performances that night!

Our good friend, Luke, with our beautiful Nancy!

We all kicked it with the various dancers.

Even ran into a lot of our good friends, like Vincent, Tiffany and Lam!

Outside the venue where all the students are waiting to get in!

Our friend, Joe, stopping through for some Loyal K.N.G. love!