Sore Losers have released one of their most anticipated and renown album to date with “We Are Sore Losers“. With their evolution in sounds from good to great, it’s monumental to witness the rapid and solid growth of Sore Losers from a talented hip-hop duo to a full-blown band act. And although Sore Losers have been in the scene for a few years now, I wanted to take the time to write-up this piece about this amazing Dallas TX hip-hop band… So that for you guys who’ve never heard of this act can get to know the essential of what make Sore Losers’ musical journey so enticing.

In conjunction with Sore Losers “We Are Sore Losers” album release (which can be previewed and purchased here), I wanted to give a review over the “Essential Listenings” of Sore Losers’ past mixtapes, albums, and EPs. There’s such thing as a slow start-up in any genre of careers and talents, but with Sore Losers, it’s much different. From the get-go this hip-hop team have always dropped great music. Whether you need tracks to bob your head too, jump around with hands waving, or vibing in your moments of privacy, Sore Losers makes music that elevates a true sense of quality hip-hop music without the stereotyped mainstream semantics. Sore Losers exhibits heart and it’s clear when you listen to their past works leading into the present, that this band is undoubtedly making an impact for their Dallas natives, but more-so they are paving way to leave their mark in all of hip-hop lore.

Sore Losers’ “Freeloader” Mixtape:

(Click the image to listen to “Freeloaders”)

Sore Losers’ first hit into the scene with their amazing premiere of “Freeloaders” mixtape made a solidified statement that they weren’t playing games, they were here to win. This album had amazing productions created by talented, King Blue (who’ve produced for artists such as Kendrick Lamar, Mac Miller, & ect), complimented by the witty and precise lyricism of older brother, Vincent Brown.

Music Video to Sore Losers’ “Freeloaders”, “Epic Outro”:

Sore Losers’ “Get A Life” Mixtape EP

(Click the image to listen to “Get A Life”)

Sore Losers’ “Get A Life mixtape EP made a hit into the scene two years after the release of “Freeloaders”. With the tape’s continued trend of excellence and good hip-hop music, it was released partially completed. The Sore Losers band were going through strong internal changes that would re-shape their musicality, but although the change was for the best, “Get A Life” would be the final reminiscent of Sore Losers younger days. It was hard for long-time supporters and listeners to except the immediate change in direction, considering the direction that Sore Losers were on was already amazing. But those qualms would be silenced after the premiere of their first album…  “We Are Sore Losers“.

Sore Losers’ “We Are Sore Losers” Album

(Click the image to listen/purchase to “We Are Sore Losers”)

The premiere of Sore Losers’ first official album, “We Are Sore Losers“, is a treat to any hip-hop or music lover. Transcending what we normally would expect from an hip-hop album, the Sore Losers hip-hop band experiments and pushes a new and unqiue sound combining great emceeing with a full-fledged band musicality. These guys have been invited to perform at the Grammys, ESPN’s EPSY awards, Sundance Film Festival 2011 and 2012, and are continuously making big moves. And now that their highly-anticipated “We Are Sore Losers” album makes a hit in the hip-hop genre, the game will forever be changed. We Are Sore Losers are here to stay.

Music Video to Sore Losers’ “We Are Sore Losers” single, “Euthanasia”: