Money, murder, lies, guns, drugs and sex. Those are things us a a society and as a people group are consumed in wether we like it that way or not. Companies commercialize these things into the real world so heavy until it becomes such a part of our culture to the point where it’s almost impossible to escape. In this song, or should i say “theory”, Sore Loser’s lyricist, Vincent Brown, talks about the farce that we as a people have come to believe as truth because of the constant cramming down our throats of these same topics. A very bold and powerful song which makes this video that much more powerful. The video portrays the message that the Sore Losers try to put out getting bigger and viral as the video progresses until it reaches global status. The topic in this song isn’t always talked about by a rap or rap collective group often which makes it bold as well as unique. Watch “Euthanasia” exclusively on the Grammy website and Youtube page.