“Askin all them questions, askin all them question, why you asking all these question…ASSUMING.” Any guy who’s been in a relationship before knows how this feels like, and ladies if you’ve been on the other side of this relational rope you know how much of a pain you girls can be sometimes. Much love for the ladies though I’m not saying us guys have everything down either, I’m just saying a girl breathing down our neck like a Icy-Hot patch doesn’t help either. Emmanuel reenacts the typical guy and girl arguments that we find ourselves stuck in. He reminds guys that if you want to get away with things more often you should come up with better cover up stories. I’m not saying his advice to the guys is right either but I am saying that if you guys are gonna lie about it, make it good so girls don’t make us sound like idiots when they impersonate us in their conversations. Dacocoknows and now you do as well.