Fresh off the bat, Dan successfully launches his first series of t-shirts that he designed himself for his brand, Sleepy Dan! The theme of Sleepy Dan is obviously sleep and all things related, but the most important part of sleeping are the dreams and waking up. So with Dan now fully awake and putting his dreams into motion, we get to catch all the coolness that he’ll be bringing to the table!

Dan collaborated with Brian of Public Trust to host a great release party for Sleepy Dan. But shirts weren’t the only cool thing found during the party that night. Dan approached many established, talented, and amazing Dallas TX artists to create some cool paintings to be showcased during his party. Some artists that contributed to the show were Jeremy Biggers, Samantha Mattice-Lowery, Cody Phillips, Joonbug, Magnificent Beard, and more!

The friends stopping through last minute for Dan’s party!

And now for all the VERY cool paintings!

Brent Ozaeta

MacXI aka Cody Phillip


Jeremy Biggers

Reuben Levi