Last week we attended the monumental Dallas’ Mavericks parade. For the Mavericks, this marks their first franchise championship win in NBA history, and that’s a BIG DEAL. So with all of Dallas in bliss for the day, we made sure to toss in our share of cheering and hollering. Nothing gets the community more excited than the hometown basketball team taking the title of “Best Basketball Team” IN the world. The Mavericks parade bought out tens of thousands of Texans, Dallas locals and out of state fans to share the celebration of the Mavericks championship win. The parade was filled with folks who’ve played a crucial role in the Mav’s growth, along with marching bands, drumlines, and beautiful cheerleaders. And along with all that, he Mavs team players were all accounted for during the parade including Mavs owner, Mark Cuban. The endless cheering fans were as energetic as ever to see their team roll-through. And when the parade ended with MVP of the year, Dirk Nowitzki, we could barely hear anything else beside the loud screams of fans all rooting for the humble, dedicated player that stuck with his roots and bought his team to victory.

We all love ya, Dirk, you’ve made your City AND State proud.

People crowding like crazy to catch a glimpse of the Mavericks!

This family had a great idea to just chill in the back of the crowd and enjoy the moment with out all the shouldering.

We met up with our good buddies, Lam and Nam, as we tried to catch a spot in the crowd where we could enjoy a good view of the parade.

It’s beautiful thing to see all the love!

Folks even filled up the parking garages.

And, of course, the paleta man!

Forget the ground, lets take it to the roof!

Dallas repping!

Everybody’s anxious for their heroes to arrive.

This cool family are ready!

Girls showing off there Mavs pride!

We even ran into our good friend, Arturo Sour Grapes!

Cool couple, Allie and Frankie, coming all the way from North Carolina to show the Mavs MAJOR love. Talk about dedication!

This lady was the biggest fan at the parade, she led a bunch of screaming and cheering sessions.

The Mav parade finally begins!

Community fans on a hayride.

Mark Cuban proudly holding up the NBA Championship trophy!

That’s Dirk in all his glory showing his adoring fans lots of love.

Heat in the front SUCK in the back… Ouch.

That’s right! We’re NUMBER 1!

Beautiful smiles from the ladies!


We ended the parade off running into Alex, Junior, and Sebastian! These guy stopped us while we walked to our car to show us love for Loyal K.N.G.! Now that’s just awesome. We all appreciate you guys, thank you!