This passing weekend was epic, and I don’t use that word lightly either. Every year, Dallas plays host to one of the biggest Anime-convention in Texas, A-Kon 22. This year marked the 22nd A-Kon gathering. And that’s a major deal considering A-Kon been around since the time I was born. But more so than that, A-Kon is just chock-full of non-stop fun. If you’re a fan of Japanese culture, anime, manga, and costume playing, then A-Kon is your garden of Eden. And with a lot of our love for wacky culture stem from these Japanese interests, it made for our stay at A-Kon a memorable and enjoyable experience.

I grabbed a few hundred photos, so I’ll be splitting the coverage into multiple parts… So read onward into my first series of coverage of A-Kon’s epicness.

Arriving into downtown Dallas with our crew-mates, Ninja Tony and THE Real T-dragon.

Random statue that I stumbled on as I was searching for a restroom.

We meet our first friend, Mika! She was just a lost maid trying to find her other Neko Neko maid friends. So we joined Mika in her search for home.

Of course you can’t step more than five feet before being drawn by an excellent cosplayer. In this case it was Rorschach that stopped us in our tracks!

This is Kakashi aka John. We met him randomly as he relaxed in the hallway. But it wasn’t long before he joined our rag-tag team of A-Kon adventurers. The Loyal K.N.G. team was growing by the minute.

Walking a few more feet ahead of us, we ran into Mika’s friends. These maids were passing out flyers in promotion for their festive parties that were hosting in their main Sanctuary.

Ah, after a few more minutes of searching with Mika, we finally reached the Neko Neko Team!

And, of course, Ms. Brenna was spearheading the Neko Neko bunch into orderly-fashion.

Side note: Brenna is pure awesome.

Sadly, Ms. Mika left our team to join her Neko Neko sisters. So we continued our journey to seek out new members. Along the way we met more cool unique people.

…And more.

We even ran into our buddy Tung and homie! And if you noticed, Tung is totally rocking our Monkey KNG tee! Swag.

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Look at all the cool Steampunk folks.

This guy has tons of little gadgets and doo-dads all over his body.

Kakashi shares a moment with our other friend Rockman aka Megaman aka Rock-awesome.

Panda Thien invades these nice ladies as they dance.

This interesting lady has a major tan.


Need angels in your life? Worry no more, I’ve found these battle angels ready to bust some demons for you!

The great green ranger!

Artist stuff.

Pink doll stuff.

Cat lady and Panda boy are way to happy. That’s not a bad thing however.

Ran into our buddy, Jayson! After a few chit-chatting we joined forces and Jayson became the new member to our A-Kon adventurer crew!

Side note: Shout out to Jayson for holding Loyal K.N.G. down!

Ran into some pirates while we were looking for cute cosplayers.

Of course, we ran into Deadpool and homie, Wolverine! We didn’t even try to find these guys! And then we grab these ladies to the right and made them join our team temporarily.

Ninja Tony got caught in between Kickass and Hit Girl for a brutal beating.

Panda Thien kicks it with Team Rocket guy, who also temporarily joined our party.

Now with the new team together, we made sure to take a group photo with this big dog for good measures.

Ladies dressed in oldie clothes.

Bigger crew is big! Also that’s our buddy, Corey, rocking out in a killer Kiba cosplay!

Happy, happy, joy, joy… dead.

Murial and Thien!

Halo guys attacking Nina Tony!


So many folks moving like water waves.

It’s Killah Bee!

It’s Chocobo!

It’s SSJ3 Goku!

It’s a Mavs VS Heats shirt!

Our crew-mate, Kakashi, found his zanpakuto*.

*A Zanpakut? (literally, soul-cutter sword) is the main weapon of the Shinigami.

That’s our friend, Natalie, totally killing it as Yoko Littner!

Phew… that was a long journey so far… and there’s more to go! In our nextcoverage, you can expect new crew-mates, cosplayer photos, and more of all that crazy-goody stuff we have all come to love and adore. So stay tuned and to be continued!