It’s that time again! I know a lot of y’all have been anticipating the newest volume of the Hip Hop Isn’t Dead x Loyal K.N.G. “Beautiful Hip-Hop” mixtape compilation, and it’s finally here. The reception of the first mixtape (here) was absolutely great and positive. And how can it not be? When you gather a beautiful collection of hip-hop legends together spitting their unaltered lyrics (no radio music here) over classic instrumentals constructed by the most of talented producers, you get an absolutely amazing album. And want to know the funny thing? It’s given to you for no-cost at all, absolutely free, completely out of love, and for you, a gift. Big thanks goes to the crew over at Hip Hop Isn’t Dead for holding it down for hip-hop, and we’re super-proud to present to you “Beautiful Hip-Hop Volume 2“.

Go check out the Beautiful Hip-Hop Vol. 2 mixtape here! Go download, share, & enjoy!

Also check out Beautiful Hip-Hop Vol 1 here.