It’s been a long time coming, but we’ve finally found a spot to do our next Loyal K.N.G. photoshoot for our upcoming Spring 11 release drop. This Saturday on May 21st at Centre in Dallas TX, we’ll be apart of a big The Locals event where brands from all over Texas will gather to showcase their lines. However, we’ll be doing something a little different. We will be inviting folks and friends who support our brand to be apart of our new Loyal K.N.G. Look Book! Along with being able to being engraved in our journey, but we’ll be shooting a brand new “This Is Loyal K.N.G.” episode! So for anybody who want to be apart of our little get-together this Saturday, we’ll be enjoying our time with music provided by DJs, food-catering provided by Centre, and a fun environment to just chill and mingle.

We always have tons of amazing fun during our photoshoot sessions, and we’ve been getting a lot of requests to bring it to Dallas TX for our homies there to be apart of. And I feel this would be the perfect way to get all our friends involved in a BIG way with the brand. So come out and enjoy your afternoon/evening with the Loyal K.N.G. crew! It’ll be a memorable time, I can promise you that!

“Get up, dress up, and show up. That’s making opportunities happen.”

If you’re interested in modeling for us for the look book. Just send me your Name and phone number to You can also reach me on facebook here and twitter here.

The location of the shoot will be at Centre. The address is on the flyer below!