Over the weekend we kicked it at Plano TX’s School of Crows x Anybodys’ One Love Japan dancing competition jam! The One Love Jam have been in planning for the past 2-3 months, with the actual venue being moved to different locations due to the large amount of attendees predicted to attend (around 550+ RSVP). With the venue settled 3 days prior to the big jam, it was time to finally watch some great dancers compete for the benefit of Japan!

It was a great honor for Loyal K.N.G. to be a part of One Love, a first in hopefully more charitable events being thrown. All donations raised during the event were donated to Salvation Army for the Japan tragedy. We’re always supportive of community-driven events and One Love was a great success with hundreds of folks dropping from all over the Dallas TX area. The evening was filled with great times with newly made friends and reconnecting with all our old friends! And along with kicking it with the cool folks, we got to enjoy the intense dancing competitions which ranged in all-styles and form of dancing, such as bboy, pop and lock, tutting, and more.

Hillary, Kimberly, Annie,and friends all holding it down for the One Love booth pushing the charity shirts to raise additional fund for Japan! Now that’s love!

All ways a good thing to see beautiful smiles!

Frank and family coming through for support of One Love and, of course, Loyal K.N.G.!

Ryan, Alec, Mauricio, Hieu, and Thien, all reunite to fuse the ultimate team of do-swaggers.

Arica and her kid cousins bringing in the bboy x bgirl vibe!

Anthony and Bianca showing off their Loyal K.N.G. tees! I love the color combination, very Hulk-esque!

Kicking it with good buddy, Linh ( top left).

We were set-up in the lounging room of One Love, while the bigger main room was hosting the big competing battles… which will be seen later in this post.

Ejay and friend dropping through to say hi and catch up with life!

Big ole smiley smiles.

The main competing room filling up like crazy for the battles.

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The Biggest and Baddast!

J.P., Anna, Anthony, and friends, all enjoying a nice little break.

Mark and Jerry calculating points for the battlers.

Nick and Thien! Always a great time chillin’ with Nick, he’s the man.

Just staying busy.

Hillary, Destiny, Peang, Minna, J.P., Hieu and friends all grabbing that promo photo!

Peang, Scott, and friends!

Arica posted up with that Atama Love!

AJ and friend throwing the peace gang signs.


Cool Kids!

Always awesome to meet new friends!

Cool friend, Raven, coming through for some love and support!

Our good homie, Jonathan, eating some SUPER-SECRET unreleased Doritos… Fiery Fusion editions… That’s right folks, I TASTED IT, AND I CONCLUDE, IT’S THA BOMB -DIGGITY!

Hieu getting that impending thousand years of pain.

There were so many things that happened during One Love was too much to just document in one post, so stay tune for the rest of the coverage in PART 2.