During our visit to Dallas this passing weekend, we were able to drop by the freshly new 2011 “Art Suite Fair” event which gathered quite a few amazing independent artists, cool shop owners, and chill gallery coordinators. It was a good time to witness all the great art that were sprawled throughout the venues, which happened to be hosted at the Belmont Hotel. Each of the hotel room hosted an artist’s pop-up gallery. From artists such as Carlos Donjuan (Sour Grapes), Magnificent Beard, Billy Zinser and others, to store owners like our good friends at We Are 1976 (Vynsie, Jully, and Derek), and gallery coordinators like Public Trust, Plush, and Chambers, the evening at “Art Suite Fair” was full of wonderful surprises.

The independent art scene is thriving and it’s thanks to folks like Brain Gibbs of Public Trust and all the artists involved who put in their time, effort, and hard-work to launch something from an idea into a reality.

I will be doing a special individual write-up for artists, Magnificent Beard, Carlos of Sour Grapes, and cool indie boutique, We Are 1976. So drop back on our blog to check that out later this evening!

Here’s a photo giving you an idea of how the pop-up gallery were laid out. Each of the hotel rooms from the right and left side hosted an artist’s or gallery’s art pieces!

This majestic plant figure glows in the dark! It’ll make for an extravagant decoration for anybody’s front lawn.

And outside the venue, there were very talented indie musicians singing their hearts out.

I can’t stress how talented and amazing these guys put it down at the Art Suite Fair. Their performances definitely help mold the event into a super-chill and relaxing visit.

From here on down are various photos of art pieces that I snapped at the Art Suite Fair. So definitely check it out:

Bill Murray, what it do!

Click through for MANY, MANY more photos of the Art Suite Fair!