Recently James Deacon worked with us to write up a great interview which goes deeper into what makes Loyal K.N.G. tick as a brand. It’s an interview where we outline our philosophies, goals to hold to as a brand, and mentality that keeps our brand alive and breathing. If you’re a fan of our brand, then this is definitely a great insight into our minds’ eye.

Here’s an excerpt from the interview in regards to what creatively inspires us:

These days people grow up and they lose touch of their-inner youth. It’s funny, but youngins’ these days try to chase adult-hood, but don’t realize how free it is to just be a kid. In a way, Loyal K.N.G. is a representative of our return to childhood in a fresh approach. We are adults, but we are driven by a child’s heart, that’s our inspiration.

Read the rest of the interview in it’s entirety here at iCanLookFly.