Over the past weekend, I took the Loyal K.N.G. crew to Austin TX to attend SXSW first ever Style X fashion trade show. If you’re familiar with trade shows like Magic (Las Vegas) and Agenda (Los Angeles), Style X is stepping in the Texas frontier to represent the first ever southern coast fashion market place. Style X, being the first of it’s kind, gave us a chance to showcase the line in a monumental way, and of course be acknowledge as one of the many cool brands to establish a place in Style X history as the first-runners of the trade show.

From fashion and style panelists, fashion runways, and brands from across the nation, Style X came out with a boom. The gathering crowd to this event was good, and it gave us a great opportunity to connect with new friends and supporters.

Even with a nicely coordinated event, we still had many things to learn and become better at. We were reaching a different market from our usual, which made it that much more difficult to connect with folks who walked through. We had a 5-man crew, and at the end of the day I learned that sometime the best way to connect with our base supporters is to have 1 person manning the ship and representing the brand. It took us almost 2 days to learn this, but it was a lesson well-learned for the future. People at Style X weren’t in it for a faceless brand, they were there to look around for personality. As a result, I (Trung Vuong, creator) took responsibility of holding the booth while the crew rested and enjoyed the SXSW experience. As a result, the strangest thing happened… Loyal K.N.G. was reaching more people, and more folks began to start caring. It was a crazy phenomenon, but it was a throw-back to our earlier showcasing day, when it was just a 2-man crew and it was a more personal experience between the creators and supporters.

Having a bigger crew is nice, no doubt, but sometime less is more when it comes to connecting. That’s a good lesson to learn from this experience, and expensive one at that, but it’ll pay dividends in the future.

Loyal K.N.G.‘s Tony, Mauricio, and Thien holding it down at the table.

Heather looking cool at the Good Child station!

Chilling at the Fur Face Boy station.

We Are The Process amazing showcase.

Michael showing so much love with the Lion KNG tee!

Emilia and Kelsey drops through looking way too cool for school!

These two young ladies are related to each other! I was really shocked to find out, but it makes complete sense if we stare at the photo long enough.

Nikkia repping some Fur Face Boy and a rad fro. I’m totally diggin’ it!

Nasa Gang in the house! These guys are all over Texas, and are quickly becoming the nicest promotion crew around!

Will (right) and friend come through with major support!

The talented Dallas TX hop hop artist, Killa MC, and friend dropping through!

Jehireh and Miyah looking sweet as always.

Loyal K.N.G. on the fashion runway!

Daft Bombin’ all over the place! Word up Chris!

Mauricio and Thien taking care of some business.

We are officially Spirit Hoods family.

The KEDS crew and Thien in his panda Spirit Hood!

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