Over the last weekend, we traveled from Austin TX to Dallas TX to kick it at The Hundreds final Texas tour location held at Index Skateshop Supply. The real kids came in from all corners of Dallas TX to meet the legendary and inspirational Bobby and Ben Hundreds. It was a trip that gave us major inspiration and motivation to work harder on our own brand, Loyal K.N.G. It’s a beautiful thing to meet up with a role-model and catch their thoughts on random tid-bits about everything. Bobby and Ben are some of the coolest and nicest folks we’ve had the pleasure to meet. So next time they’re in you area, don’t sleep, go and visit these cool dudes!

The real kids gathered outside Index chilling and relaxing in the perfect weather.

Ben Hundreds in the flesh!

Can’t have a Hundreds event without the skaters.

That’s Arma of Sour Grapes with his son.

Thien capturing some footage for our The Hundreds video recap.

A shot of Index loaded up with tons of Hundreds gear.

Mauricio working on grabbing quality B-footage to use for our interview with Bobby later.

Barton of Already Been Chewed company shows for support!

The Hundreds boxes.

Shirts, shirts, and more shirts! The original staple of The Hundreds legacy.

All laughs and smiles here… and denim.

Joe and Miriam of Studio 410 came through for the Hundreds.

Pete and his girlfriend enjoying the evening at Index and Hundreds party.

Very cool dude we’ve had the pleasure to meet.

Adam bomb cookies anybody?

Saul and Joshua coming through to kick it!

That’s me, Trung, grabbing a photo with Bobby, the dude who inspired a large portion of Loyal K.N.G. birth. It was definitely a surreal experience for me!

This cool kid is swagged out in the Hundreds.

Scotty Hundreds kicking it with DJ Sober!

The N.W.A. gang aka Far East Movement crew a.k.a. Soup, George, Jamal, Lee, and Jose.

The real kids.

Reid and Priscilla representing the final photo of the evening!