I’ve been getting a great amount of emails, tweets, andFacebook messages in regards to a lot of the events we cover on our blog and youtube video recaps. People just wants to know where all the coolest, chill, and fun events are going down in Texas, and luckily for us we always have promoters giving us heads up when a nice show is going down. We try to always make it out to all these events if logistics are right, but even if we can’t that doesn’t mean y’all can’t attend. So I decided to just post up events to inform the inquiring minds about fun events that happen around in Texas.

So the series of events I’m about to list out is for the weekend of March 11-13th, 2011, which officially kicks off tomorrow!

First up on the event list is GoodPhil, an annual sports, dance, and tradition festival where college students from all around TX gather at UT Austin to just kick it and have fun. GoodPhil goes on throughout the enitre weekend of March 11-13th, with various different activities, but for us we’ll be focusing on the Dance competition which happens on Friday (March 11th).

The Loyal K.N.G. crew will be out at GoodPhil Friday to exhibit the brand and enjoy the festive competitive dancing tournament. IF you’re into choreography, hip hop, dancing, and bboy/bgirls, then hit up GoodPhil! I couldn’t imagine anything more enjoyable on a Friday evening! And definitely drop through and say hi to us!

Event is located at UT Austin and starts at 7PM at the Riverbend Centre and is FREE!

Next event that’s going to be super-crazy is located at Club Dada in Dallas, TX. If you’re into the indie Dallas hip hop talents, such as Damaged Goods, ADd+. Mohicans, Killa MC, G. Bailey, and KOOLBRZ, this is the event to be at.

Club Dada will be opening it’s door at 10pm on Friday March 11th and will go throughout the night with all these great acts!

On March 12th, Saturday, we’ll be sponsoring another great show in Dallas hosted at the club Arnetic hosted by Spew Media. The musicians act will be Busdriver, Dark Time Sunshine, Ceschi and more. These acts are range from alternative hip hop to alternative everything music. The party will be SUPER-LIVE, so be sure to come out if you’re in Dallas, TX, and you want something to kick it at with great music.

Doors to Arnetic is set to open at 9pm on March 12, Saturday! Come out and chill with the Loyal K.N.G. crew and listen to great music.

If you’re into Art, such as live painting, body painting, live performance, dancing, and music, then Burning Inspiration event is the place to be! It’ll be going down in Fort Worth, TX, on March 12th (Saturday). So be sure to check it out if you’re around the area.

Landers Machine Shop Gallery (www.facebook.com/thegalleryatlanders)

207 E. Broadway Ave.
Fort Worth, TX

And finally, the big kahuna event all the way in Witte Museum in San Antonio, TX. If you’re into bboy, hip hop, Talib Kweli, sneakers, chit-chatting and all-around having a good time, then Sneaker Palooza is the place to be. The event will be opening it’s door on March 13th, Sunday, at 6pm. It’s definitely a must-go event if you’re into the street-culture. So… Do. Not. Sleep.

Loyal K.N.G. will also be exhibiting at this event, so drop through and say hi!

This weekend is going to be MAJOR.