Dallas TX’s TQV dance crew ripping it up for the Chinese New Years at the Grind festival hosted at Grand Prairies’ Hong Kong Market. During our time visiting Grand Prairie TX for our friend, Lam Pham‘s the Grind event, we had the chance to record Dallas TX’s TQV crew when they performed for the audience. It’s easy to see the crew’s dedication and passion in their performance. Each members of TQV have their share of spotlight in the routine, and they all are just having fun doing what they love. That’s definitely something I can relate and appreciate for.

TGV: Nam Pham, Vincent Smith, Nicky Dinh, Christy Pravixay, Julie Lynn Tran, Bi Pham, Janice Fabunan

Intro Music: Sore Losers’ Epic Outro

Watch “The Grind” video-recap here: