Just spent the day chilling with our cool friend, Joon Bug of Fresh Kaufee, at the North-park mall in Dallas TX. We joined Joon on an epic journey of dropping kaufee stains all over the mall… and by stains I’m really just making a metaphor for sticker bombing the place.

While venturing through the mall, we ran into a lot of friends we’ve had the privilege to meet over our journey as a brand. It’s always crazy for us when folks stop us to say what’s up, definitely a cool welcoming feeling.

Joon masterfully bombing the escalator, which would later be removed by a random bystander due to the sticker being so-dope.

Our friend Allen and his homie were kicking it in Dallas for the evening from their hometown in Mesquite TX. We met Allen a while back during a release party, and he managed to stop us in our track to say what’s up! Big shout out to Allen for being super-cool and making our day!

Some cool kids we ran into.

Our bboy buddies, Van and Scott, chilling at the mall! Scott was awesome enough to come through and say hi to us as we were bombing random booths with stickers. As always it’s great see y’all!

FRESH-KAUFEE-BOMBED, one-more-escalator down.

Just walking around scoping cool stores… and better yet, more locations to STICKER-BOMB. The day can’t get any better than that.