A few months ago, we had the great opportunity of working with talented performance artist and professional model, Tiffini Truth, on being our spokes-model for Loyal K.N.G. It was something I felt would be a fun project to be involved with. And the fact that Tiffini was down to represent us was definitely a great privilege. Tiffini has been published in Hot Rod, Inked, Urban Ink, & The Picture Magazine (AUS) , and have worked with amazing photographers such as Ellen Stagg and Marc Goldstein to name a few.

With the help of Ryder Goatley taking these cool photos of Tiffini rocking Loyal K.N.G., we get to see an awesome model looking beautiful in our clothing.

Be sure to check out Tiffini’s fanpage and check in on her other projects!

Tiff holding it down with “Born To Dream” tee!

Some Loyal K.N.G. classics making some rounds.

Tiffini keeping it warm in our “Saba-Dragon” Sweatshirt! And can’t forget another oldie, the ” Craving Knowledge?” tee.