A few days ago, we stopped through to our homies of Sour Grapes 13 crew’s Art show hosted at the Tractorbeam Black Rose gallery. When we got news that the Sour Grapes crew were going to host an art show, we knew immediately that we were going to come out for that. These guys have been continuously staying strong with their artistic craft for over a decade, and it’s a beautiful thing to see the crew keep moving up. The amount of folks who came through for the art show were staggering. Trying to find ways to view each art piece to the next took a few tactical weaving and maneuvering, but that’s definitely not a bad thing. It”s quite a testament to Sour Grapes’ skills to witness the vast amount of folks showing love to their very street-inspired art.What you’ll find at the show are art works done with paintings, graffiti, sculptures, toys, plush toys, and photography. There’s a piece of Sour Grapes art that will appeal to anyone and everyone, so check out a few of the photos I were able to grab from the show!

DJ Sopa Grapes on the table spinning up some hot tracks for the show.

DJ Storm (middle) and Rob (left) came through showing Loyal K.N.G. some love!

Sergio Checo came through for the Sour Grapes show. He’s the main guy behind Dallas’ biggest BBOY shows, Triple Threat, Popper’s Delight, and other derivatives of the crew!

Carlos and Eddie Grapes chillin it up at their Art Show.

The Sour Grapes 13 crew, whadup!

Check out their Art work after the jump!