Reflecting over the entire year of 2010, it’s easy to say it was our biggest year of growth, we worked hard, did a lot of traveling, spent a lot of time away from home, and kept our bodies restless. But every once in a while, that special holiday brings us all back together under one roof to appreciate what we have together. To me, family and friends are blessings we should never take for granted. These are the folks that are here for me when I’m down, when I’m knocked back, when I lose focus. So 2010’s final days were my final shoutouts to all the homies that held me down over the year. When we live a life knowing we aren’t alone, and have people that care about us, life just becomes that much more vibrant, and seemingly less impossible. Every step we take to strive for the betterment of ourselves, we make it double when we join our friends on the journey.

This is just a few photos of our time ending the 2010 year. We spent our time with our friends and family, gathering around the fireplace, playing fun games, and eating good food.

This is my homie, Levi, he’s a young cat, but super dope on the basketball court. We might just have to get Levi to do some DUNKS for us in the near future.

This my good buddy and bro, Mauricio, he’s the guy behind the “This Is Loyal K.N.G.” series. He has  passionate, creative mind that is always continually growing, and to me it’s a major inspiration to have on the Loyal K.N.G. team.

Thien capturing some video memories. If y’all didn’t already know, Thien is the REAL T-dragon (here), and he’s also my kid brother. He’s the main creative head behind all our Loyal K.N.G. video recaps, which y’all can check out here.

Taveon loading up the Nerf gun… Been buggin’ on the crew with it the entire night.

Here’s Thien and Mauricio Playing some Catchphrase. They are some of the brightest minds I have had the pleasure to know, and when they collaborate on projects, they just make me smile. It’s on a whole different level of fun-loving. The biggest project we all collabed together was the infamous Black and Yellow parody video here.

The 1st photo of the new year…2011. HAPPPPPY NEW YEAR!