It’s Christmas y’all, and we’ve been working really hard to shoot/edit up this special holiday video for y’all viewing pleasures. Loyal K.N.G’s Mauricio Lopez and Thien Vuong (both our in-house video-editors) joined forces to put together a humorous parody of the CRAZY bed intruder song people across the world are going crazy over for.

We’re just giving some holiday tips so even YOU can’t get your milk, cookies, and kids, stolen by the big man in red, white, and jingle.

PS: My little 6yr old niece just finished watching the video with me , and she just gave me the best tip ever for keeping the sugary goodness away from Santa for the holiday: “I would hide my cookies in my tummy.”  Well, there you have it! From the Loyal K.N.G. crew to you, have a very HAPPY HAPPY Merry Christmas!