We packed our gear and traveled back out to Fort Worth TX to attend Chester Cox’s Rock Solid presents: “Triple Threat”, an event that is 100% for charity, which just happen to be “Toys 4 Tots.” Triple threat was full of talented BBOYs and dancers all competing to win the tournament. We met and chatted with many familiar faces, and, as usual, new ones too. At the end of the day, the event was a success for my friend, Chester! He did a great job organizing this event, and we’re very happy to be invited to be apart of something so awesome!

Thien with the Redbull ladies.

Holding it down at the booth.

Dave and Pedro, both the official DJs for the event!

George picking up a gift for his girlfriend, now that’s a good man!

Kaufee Beans any one?

Joon of Fresh Kaufee holding it down.

Josh came all the way from Houston to showcase his Soul Eclectic line

The people are driving in, door hasn’t even been open for an hour!


Do dah dansing!

Johnny coming through showing some love!


Edgar of Candy Nights!

Now for a bunch of random photos of people who stopped through!…

Henry, bboy youngin’ extraordinaire.

George came back to grab a tee for himself!

Pedro always showing love!

Shaik looking happy to cop some fresh gear!

Carlos of Sour Grapes 13 showing love!

Henry (left) and friend!


Yvette and Antonio.


Sparks of Candy Nights!

The man behind the event, Chester Cox!


Arica showing some love!

Dancing Queen in the house