Thanksgiving has been an amazing holiday for the crew here at Loyal K.N.G. There are always those holidays that you live through, and it doesn’t even feel like it’s different from any other normal day, but I can honestly say that wasn’t the case with 2010’s Thanksgiving. In conjunction with our favorite youth ministry, Oneighty, we helped out at serving the youth attendees with games, fun, and food. It was an amazing night spending time positively with our friends and providing the community something fun and uplifting to be apart of.

Look at that lovely crew of people! (From the left: Mike, Anna, Lauren, Dulce, Sarah, and Dave)

Mr. T-dragon chilling with more friends!

This is Pastor Chris, he’s basically the coolest dude we know.

That’s my homie, Alex, kicking it with Pastor Chris’ son, DaTavion!

Mike the Thryll Hill grabbing some dinner!

Gustavo with his girlfriend, Ginese, such a beautiful couple.

Dinner time. That’s a feast right there!

Melissa and Loyal K.N.G.’s cover girl, Nisay.

Anna being her goofy self.

Brandon and Ricky grabbing some good ole fashion macaroni and cheese.

That’s Lu from the left chilling with Loyal K.N.G.’s Trung (he’s rocking a winter 2010 shirt…. Wow!)

Then its the eating contest… Nasty goodness!

Katie, Trung, and Anna, grabbing a nice photo together.

Now that’s a good looking bunch.

It’s the championship round of the food-eating contest…

Look at their captivated faces.


That’s the face of a champion.