This project has been one year in the making. We’ve traveled to so many cities, met so many new and influential people, and gained so much love, throughout our time running Loyal K.N.G. And I feel that it’s time we share our journey with you guys. We are thankful for everybody who have ever supported us, showed us love, bought a shirt, spread our brand via word of mouth, and shook our hands. You guys made this project, we could have never done it with out your ultimate support in our dream. On this Thanksgiving day, I can honestly say that I am most thankful for you. God blessed us with a good life, we have no other choice but to make the best of it.

This is the big 2010 end of the year trailer previewing our ambitious project which document our journey in pursuing our dreams with Loyal K.N.G. The full 1st episode will premiere on 11/29/10 at midnight, 12:00am, central time.

All the video clips were taken throughout the year of 2010 as we traveled weekly to different cities to experience new cultures. All those clips can be watched in form of recaps here: