This last Sunday, November 14th, marked the first ever Texas Streetwear expo, “Stitched Up“, hosted by Norm Dawson and crew of San Antonio’s Sneaks Up! The event garnered a good crowd of streetwear enthusiasts from all over Texas under one building to check out all the cool brands Texas had to offer. For us at the Loyal K.N.G. camp, we put together our set-up and enjoyed our busy day talking to old friends and made new friends. The event went down nicely, and was no doubt a monumental point in Texas street-culture history. We are more than appreciative to be apart of something so grandiose! Shout outs to all of San Antonio’s Sneaks Up for putting this amazing event together.

Shout outs to Maggie (left) and Brandy(right) for picking up a Gravestein Bear Sweatshirt!

Ashley (right) and her friend both purchased matching Gravestein Bear shirts, a definite sign of BFF’!

Always love it when the ladies show us some love and support. Thank you!

Kicks On Tight brand chilling!

Angel of Fur Face Boy looking mad chill holding it down at the booth.

The Fur Face Boy booth in all it’s glory!

Edgar and Julian holding it down at the Sole Fresco booth.

Rad Pete in the house with his girlfriend looking sharp.

Looks like folks are really diggin’ the Loyal K.N.G. booth.

DJ YungSwagg looking mad chill with that Loyal K.N.G. tee!

RichGhettoKids and Khaleyah having a great time at Stitched up.

Awesome support!

Lamar of RiseNRun!

Face of Fame with their fresh Ninja Turtle themed tees!

Fresh Kaufee in the house!

Frank and Brian killin’ it with Nerdy Fresh!

That’s what’s up.

Stan of Heat Seekers Krew coming through for support! Thanks man!

Kirin Clothing coming through.


Pimp the pen!

Shout outs for the double whammy support!

Thomas of HSK supporting and showing love!

J. Benjamin chillin at the Loyal K.N.G. booth with Trung!

Atama apple green, baby!


That’s the Creative Stimulant Sweatshirt!

That’s Lion KNG!

Beastly Gravestein Bear getting a new owner!

3King in the house!

Heat Seekers Krew holding it down with them sneakers! Hottest in TEXAS!

Paulo of 3Kings!

West wanted to grab some tees, but they all sold out… Hopefully next time!

Star of the show, it’s that there bear.

Intellectual clothing making moves.

Mofoz clothing showing off some art.

Loyal K.N.G.’s Trung chilling with Mike and Jerry of the Remix camp!

…and of course the Remix Label booth!

Reuben holding it down at the GRITS table.

Terrance holding it down for the brand!

Loyal K.N.G.’s Mauricio combining power with Jerry Rocket, along with Thien flabbergasted!

Mauricio, Mike, and Thien, chilling!

Norm of Sneaks up, Eddie of Million Monkey, and Trung of Loyal K.N.G., ALL under one roof.

So digging that shirt, bro!

Support! I appreciate it.

Bruce of HSK showing some support.

Norm getting at that Dragon-Saba sweatshirt!

Eddie and Ashley looking good!

Niji, Mike, and Jerry looking real chilling.

STITCHED UP. THE END… To be continued.