We love culture, and with that being said, we love hitting up events, shows, and concerts, that range from all over the spectrum. Loyal K.N.G. from day one has never been a niche, it has never been contained in a genre, it’s all about our culture… And if you know anything about culture, you’ll understand that it’s anything but narrow-ranged. Life encompasses so much facets of different culture. Our fascination has led us this weekend all the way out to Dallas, TX, for Sonic Con. Yes, a convention about THE hedgehog, anime, and games.

So many plush.

Taylor showing Thien some plush action!

Taylor playing some games with the Neko Neko maids!

That game surely didn’t last long, but it was fun nonetheless.


Look at all them T-shirts.

Thien looking at some swords…


Look at all these Japanese odd and end products.

Key-chains galore!

Oh, and can’t forget the oldschool gameboy games for all the collectors.

Scarlett Johansson painting.

Additional paintings, I really like them.

Thien, talented Hoshiko and Taylor, all giving some love to the camera.

Thien, Brenna of Neko Neko maids, and Taylor, all being goofy!

…and finally, Trung of Loyal K.NG. kicking it with a Nos bottle in hand with Ms. Brenna!