From Japanese Cartoon’s latest album ‘In the Jaws of the Lords of Death’ comes their official music video directed by 13thWitness — “Heirplanes”! Also a nice little side-note, Lupe Fiasco said “I want my music to sound like somebody chasing you through the forest with ax.”, and I think he got that down quite well.

“Heirplanes” by Japanese Cartoon from 13thWitness™ on Vimeo.

Creative Team
Director: 13thWitness
Associate Director: Lane Savage
Executive Producer: Sky Gellatly
Creative Consultant + Video Commissioner: Marisol Martinez
Editors: Zack McTee + 13thWitness
Stylist: Josh Madden
Make Up: AJ Crimson

Wasalu M. Jaco: Vocals
Graham Burris: Bass
Erik Hammer: Guitar
Lead Female Roles: Sarah McSweeney and Tiffany Archer
Extras: Ibe Soliman (Drums), Sammy Dane, Nikle Guzijan, Lucas Nathan, Ben Preston-Freidman, Josh Madden, and James Roscoe Gibson |