We just passed through our friends at Nerdy Fresh‘s release party for their newest 3rd season release held at Dallas TX’s streetwear boutique, Centre. It was a chill night out in Dallas. We met up with a ton of familiar faces, at this point with us always hitting these events up, it’s inevitable to see friends we’ve met in past events. Even really tasty food was provided for the attendee. Catching some of Nerdy Fresh’s season 3 line up was amazing.

This is our friend, Crystal, with her little nephew… Looking mad G.

It’s our friend, TyCity (far left) and crew, chilling outside the Centre boutique. Shout outs to TyCity for the love!

Here’s another familiar face, Xavier and his beautiful girlfriend!

Her’s Jonathan (a talented photographer, check his site here) and Brandon Wilson!

This dude was gearing up with some Louis Vutton Dons, Kanye West Devil RED eddition.

From the left, Josh, Emmanuel, Jehireh, Miyah, and Jalil.

Talented Sore Losers‘ member, Vincent Brown with his girlfriend, Rosa.

Hahahahah. Gold!

And finally, Frank and his friend whom runs Nerdy Fresh!

Bonus: I ran into these Zombies lookin characters on our way to our train. Aren’t they just precious?!