“20$ can bring a single child/person continued stream of fresh water for 20 years.”

Today is my birthday y’all. Yep, on October 21st 2010, I become 22 years of age. Being 21 and living the year 2010 was definitely my most progressive and memorable year. Many things happened to me this year that I’ll remember for the rest of my life. I learned more about myself, I’ve met wonderful people, I hustled my butt off for this little brand y’all may heard of called Loyal K.N.G.

But here’s the deal, I don’t want anything for my birthday this year, no gift cards, no birthday cards, no birthday cakes, and especially no money. What I want for my birthday is something a little bit more personal. I have a request, and this request goes out to all of y’all who’ve followed us throughout the year and watched us grow, and to the newcomers who’ve probably just learned of us.

As you may know (or didn’t), I’ve made a pledge for our brand, Loyal K.N.G., to donate 50% of all profits from October 13th till the end of 2010 to “charity: water” for children and family in other countries to receive a chance at hope and opportunity to chase their own dreams. These children and family suffer extreme poverty and water, being a commodity of surplus for us here in America, becomes something of scarce luxury for those who aren’t as fortunate as us. These villagers struggle day-in and day-out walking on feet for days to find clean, drinkable water… A waste of precious time where a person can spend those valuable hours and days by learning, educating, and gaining experience to pursue their love in life. Children are thirsting for something fresh in their system, but are left with nothing but water found in swamps. Full of bacteria, diseases, and numerous living substances fill the water that these children are drinking to LIVE, but in the end they’ll suffer. And all because these children have no source of fresh, drinkable water.

For my birthday, I’ve made the decision to GIVE all donaters a Loyal K.N.G. t-shirt/sweatshirt equaled to the value of their donation to the “charity: water” foundation page, here. (This basically mean we as a brand will NOT be taking ANY proceeds at all, and you will STILL get a shirt from us at our expense.) This offer will last from October 21st to October 31tst.

I will out line the steps below on how all this will work out.

1. Learn a little bit of where your donation is going and what “charity: water” is about by checking my original write-up, here. I also urge that you check out the “charity: water” official web page for more additional information about the charity.

2. Visit our webstore here to make a mental selection of what you want, then continue over to our “charity: water” donation page, here, to make the desire donation in the amount of the shirt/or sweatshirt of your choice.

3. After you have made your donation, I will ask that you email me proof of your donation by sending me a screenshot of your receipt of donation to LoyalKNG@gmail.com. Please also include with your email your address, t-shirt/sweatshirt selection, size, and t-shirt color.

4. After all these steps have been followed, just wait a few days to receive your FRESH Loyal K.N.G. gear! Rejoice, because you have now been apart of something beautiful… Helping people whom have no hope, to receive hope. And with that, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.


If y’all aren’t in a position to make a donation, please share this post anyway possible via blog, facebook, twitter… Spread this as far as you can (Who knows? One of your friends might be down to donate for some Loyal K.N.G. gear!). Every little help is more than you’ll ever know! Thanks again folks.