In the past few months, I’ve gained this deep earnest desire to just do something charitable and help the less fortunate around the world. I’ve had this idea locked in my mind for a few months, but I prolonged any efforts due to waiting for the right opportunity to arrive where I could contribute my part in the whole scheme of things. Fortunately, my friends from and Taylor Beyer (a youth leader) have made the initiative to start a donation page with the non-profit organization, charity: water.

“Charity: water” is an organization which helps use money donated to build wells and provide a clean, fresh source of water for children and family in area where clean water isn’t easily attainable, or unfairly priced by the harsh governing admins of those countries. Literally, to just put down a clearer perspective on how we can make an effort to help the less fortunate; 20$ can bring a single child/person continued stream of fresh water for 20 years.

When we take a moment to step back from ourselves and the trivial life issues that we face in America or any other fortunate countries, and take a look objectively at the parts of the world that struggle day-by-day with no source or opportunity to make a better living, an apparent message becomes clear. Our luxury spending could be halted for an entire week and the money donated could save an entire village. That’s something that just ring miracles to me.

We don’t need to give our entire savings or anything crazy, we could just give as small as 1$, 5$, 20$, and so on. Every amount of donation counts, there is no amount too small or too big. Just remember that a donation of 20$ can give a child water for 20 years, which is enough to provide them the much needed opportunity to build strong health and strength to pursue their own dreams… We are truly blessed to live in a country where, even in poverty, we always have the undeniable opportunity to pursue our dreams relentlessly. Why can’t we share that blessing with others who have no other route?

Here at Loyal K.N.G., we have joined with our local youth ministry, Oneighty, to help raise funds in conjunction with “charity: water” to help children in unsuitable environments receive fresh, drinkable water. We have made a pledge to send 50% of all sales profit from October 13th, 2010, till the end of 2010, to the “charity: water x Oneighty” donation page (here). So feel reassured that when you guys are supporting our venture as a brand that you are also helping a child in another part of the world receive that much needed fresh water in life. That’s something we can all put a smile on for.

You can look fresh, and help a child drink fresh. That’s just beautiful.

We’ve set our goal at a very reachable amount of 100$, but I am certain that when 2010 is over, we’ll all be surprised at what we can all do together as a collective body… Let’s get it.

For more information about “charity: water” and their work you should check their website here, and watch the amazing video below:

Things you can do to help the movement:

-If you own a blog, and would like to spread the word about “charity: water”, I urge you to help spread our message and bring awareness to the cause. In return we will re-blog your website on our own blog.

-If you don’t want to buy a shirt and would rather just donate directly, then please do so at the “charity: water x Oneighty” page here.

-If you have a twitter or a facebook, feel free to share this page with your friends and followers! Even if you can’t make the monetary donation, the spreading of the cause is just as crucial and important.

-Anyway you guys feel that could help this cause, feel free to help!

Contact me at for any additional information or suggestions.

Keep dirty water away from the kids… Lets help give them an opportunity.