It was an eventful day, we dropped by our good friends’, Sour Grapes 13, official art studio to scope out what the crew had in-store for the future… The studio is coming together very nicely, even in it’s “work in progress” mode. This studio finally allows the members of the Sour Grapes crew to join together under one roof to do what they love the most, make art. The studio is much more than a workshop, it’s a lounge, game room, and there is even a DJ table to boot! It’s basically a big boy’s club house, and isn’t that what life’s all about? Connecting with our roots to be kids all over again. This is a giant step for the Sour Grapes crew, and I am happy to bring Loyal K.N.G. through for the ride.

Arturo DonJuan checking on some magazine at his studio desk.

The painting area.

Michael DonJuan knocking out the tracks at the DJ booth.

Just lounging, chillin, and kicking it!

Pebbles chillin under some desk, haha.

Congo Grapes stationed in his area.

Loyal K.N.G.‘s Trung catching up on the Hundreds Magazine Vol. 2.

Sour Grapes crew taking a break to play some football!

Closing up the studio for the day… To be continued.