Yes, that is indeed a bubble gum thong. Now with that past our minds, lets get to the nitty gritty of this write-up. Last Saturday we made a trip back out to good ole’ Dallas TX to attend the Red Pop Shop to check out all the gathering brands, artists, and designers showcase their gear and art. The environment and crowd were chill and very friendly. It was a nice relaxing day of walking around and seeing all the interesting variety of artistic exhibitions.

The first crew we stopped by were our good homies at Sour Grapes 13… They brought out their limited edition runs of T-shirts and tanks, along with Carlos DonJuan‘s paintings, and Eddie Castro‘s Wooden Paleta toys. It’s always good to chill with these guys. Not only are they inspirational artists, the entire crew are among the nicest people I’ve had the pleasure of knowing.

All handcrafted wooden paleta toys… I have my own sitting in my room. These toys are a definite treat, and a must have for any collector. I suggest y’all pick one up if you are ever at the Red Pop Shop or Sour Grapes 13 event!

This is Emily Zinser holding it down for her husband’s brand, Macrodons! This brand brings an artistic vision into collectible hand crafted toys that are physical representative of their counter-parts in paintings.

Check out all the cool little creatures that are being showcased! Macrodons are just cute little monsters.

It’s Vynsie of We Are 1976, she was holding her booth down for her store, and showcasing some of the most quirkiest item at the Red Pop Shop!

Totally crazy stuff “We Are 1976” were bringing out.

This is Jeff Barfoot, he runs his own brand, BeeThings among his own design firm at BarFoot WorldWide. BeeThings carries an amazing collection of illustrative artwork spanning from screen printed posters to t-shirts.

This is Brent Ozaeta, he’s a talented up and coming artist in Dallas. His main works involves in abstract style of screen printed posters and t-shirt design.

Here’s The Thug Boss crew in the building bringing their gear through for the people to check out!

Some sick, sick Thug Boss gear.

It’s our friend, Eddy, dropping through for the Red Pop Shop!

Live on Ustream via that new iPhone 4 app.

Check out Will Rhoten’s Decade Clothing. Not only does Will own his own brand, but he’s a very renown as a DJ. If you are ever at a party or event and you see DJ Sober1 there, then you already know that party is going to shut it down.

Cool boombox.

She goes by MK Semos and she runs her own company, Decorazon. She was all dressed up in Greek attire, with her booth filled with cool Greek-esque trinkets and crafts.

Our friends, Pebbles (left) and Valerie (right), rolled through to kick it at Red Pop Shop. It’s always a pleasure to see them.

It’s Fur Face Boy‘s number one right-hand man, Angel, holding it down at the FFB booth!

As usual, Fur Face Boy is bringing the heat.