This passing Saturday, straight after our attending of Dallas Comic Con (read about it here) we drove straight to our favorite Dallas TX streetwear boutique, Centre, to chill at Illtelect 2nd season release! Illtelect brought in a very different crowd, there were a more mature and chill vibe to the brand’s fans and supporters. We here at the Loyal K.N.G. camp had a bunch of fun chatting and meeting all the new people. We also ran into a bunch of our own supporters, which is always a nice situation to be in.

Centre’s massive collection of sneakers.

It’s Jorge, girlfriend, Arika, and his sister coming through to scope out the party! If y’all didn’t already know, Jorge is responsible for throwing the Real Street Jam parties (check out our recap of the latest one here).

Check out our good friend, John (2nd from the left), coming through with his entourage of friends!

Even Unkommon Kolor‘s Jeremy and Sam were in the house for support! That’s major right there!

Such a lovely couple! Unkommon Kolor kids, get to know em’!

It’s Brandon (left), Thien (middle), and Centre’s Aldrin chilling!

Our new friends Eddy and Jason in the building!

DJ in the house killin’ it!

People gathering.

Hey! It’s Toan (left) and Jaz (right) coming through, they just came to shop, but they got into the party too!

Random store shot.

And Thien chilling with the man behind all of Illtelect!

“Sicker Than Your Average…” The Illtelect season 2 line up photos above!