Over the passing Saturday, the Loyal K.N.G. crew headed back out to Dallas to cover Comic Con and all it’s goodness. We were super-stoked since reading comic books are definitely some of our favorite past time activities, along with being great inspirations to our art. We literally heard about this Comic Con last minute, but it was just in a nick of time! Our weekend would have been dull due to the slow down of events due to the start-up of school, but now thanks to Comic Con, our weekend was satisfyingly kept occupied.

The first artist we talked to during the Comic Con event was Mr. Vo Nguyen (email:shakesphear114@yahoo.com)! He’s a super, super chill dude, and talented… Just see so below:

He whipped up this commissioned work of Ms. Witchblade! Rad isn’t it?!

His partner in crime, Eroll See (email:eroll_see@yahoo.com), was chilling and sketching up various amazing art pieces.

Check out some of the pieces below:

Yep, Vo and Eroll are really KILLING it, and they are both located in Austin, TX, area! Be sure to email them if you want any commissioned work done: Vo Nguyen (shakesphear114@yahoo.com) and Eroll See (eroll_see@yahoo.com).

This is Tommy Phillips, he’s a great illustrator and artist! You can check out more of his work on his deviant art page here.

We ran into GOT ZILLA!?

Took a photo of some photos of some art pieces… I can dig it.

This is Michael Champion (website), and this dude has some crazy work… check it out:

Just amazing.

This is Alan Harris, he portrayed Bossk on Star Wars… So cool!

Bossk action figure… so dang pretty.

The only ladies we found that actually cosplayed up in the joint! Major props.

Ohh and the remote control R2D2 was in the house, makes me want one for Christmas.

We then arrived into the Comic Con’s vendor’s room. Lets see what kind of gem we can dig up!

Old school Transformers.

Epic Godzilla VS Ghidorah toy figure.

Oh, and of course comics were being sold!

Hey, it’s the Hulk, Thing, and Darth Vader.

This is John Mitchell, he runs Capstone Comics, which is located in Austin TX! If you are in the area be sure to check it out. Their website is here.

Another Austin TX hobby store, King’s Hobby, the biggest in Austin!

More artist we ran into, they both run Doomsplosion! Check their work below:

We also ran into a super well costumed Ghostbusters crew!

This is Keith Pollard… and get this, he’s been in the comic industry for almost 40 years. Yessir, he’s REAL OG in the game.

A photo of his work:

You probably picked up a few of his illustrated comics in your time!

This is Chris Foreman (Deviantart page) and his skills are specialized in making really crazy hand drawn/colored trading cards!

Try to collect all those.

This is Jonathan M Fowler and his girlfriend, Julie, another crazy cool artist we ran into. He was nice enough to help get us into another big comic con located in Oklahoma… Sweet.

This is Brian Brinlee (deviantart)! We had a brief chat with him, and he was real nice!

Some of Brian’s amazing sketches… I WANT THEM ALL!

This is Justyn Dietrich (deviantart) with his girlfriend. He was just knocking out pieces, after pieces of cool art!

His latest piece was Deadpool… Oooohhh Deadpool!

This is Samax (right) and Corrence, they both run their own magazine called “Ghetto Manga“! They are local Dallas artists bringing a cool hip hop flavor to their comics.

And as we were leaving the convention we ran into Yolanda (left) and Michelle (right). They stopped us after recognizing our Loyal K.N.G. tees. So we had a small chat about the brand and comic con, and then I grabbed a photo of them! It was a good day.