Our Loyal K.N.G. Summer/Fall 2010 has finally dropped, and with that we have a new series of designs. And in tradition of  all our past seasons, I will be making this write-up be all about the meanings and story behind each of the designs revealed. I put a lot of heart and hours into these art pieces and they are all personal to me. So I am making it a point to explore where my inspirations and ideas came from when it came to doodling and illustrating the Summer/Fall line. You can also read most of the descriptions in our online store here.

LKNG “Atama” Logo T-shirt

Our Summer 2010 Line introduces our official Loyal K.N.G. mascot, “Atama”, which translates from Japanese as “head”. The little guy represents what we are all about, the pursuit of happiness and knowledge! “Atama” is stationed in the center of typeface “LKNG” for an eye-popping KA-POW!

Atama Logo T-Shirt

The official Loyal K.N.G.’s Atama logo shirt ready to be rocked! The front graphic hit is the Loyal K.N.G.’s mascot, Atama, hit, while the back has a typeface graphic stating “Knowledge Shall Never Destroy Knowledge”. The phrase is a flip on a similar phrase that originated from Planets of the Apes 2, which states “Ape Shall Not Kill Ape.” Our take on the phrase means that for a person to have knowledge and not share that knowledge with other results in the originating knowledge’s destruction. It’s all about sharing and caring, so spread your knowledge!

Born To Dream T-shirt

“Born To Dream” is my flip on the negative themes of Stanley Kubrick’s “Full Metal Jacket”. Whereas the cover of the film conveys a military helmet with “Born To Kill” inscribed, I wanted to send a positive message through our “Born To Dream” inscription. If inspected closely, the design replaces bullets with pencils and sharpies, which symbolizes the tools to create, plan, and execute. The helmet’s camouflage brings back our Summer 09′ “A Brainy Ape” design in an iconic but memorable way. One of the immediate attention-grabber of the design, the timeless “smiley face”, is used to portray that a person should always stay positive through all struggles, because life will always work itself out the way it was meant too for those who consistently stand from their falls.

Creative Stimulants T-shirt

The results of me playing the piano and chomping on M&Ms. This shirt is entitled “Creative Stimulants” for the mere fact that the design alludes to things that stimulates our creativity. Activities like listening to music, playing an instrument, writing a story, and all can be done with some chocolate-sweets for good measure!

Gravestein Bear T-Shirt

This shirt is my way of taking the classic horror-story of giving a vicious bear intelligence to ravage the country-side with full-mental-prowess. However, the common choice of intelligence for implantation would be the human brain, but I wanted to take the source of intelligence in a more witty direction, which resulted in the apple, “the forbidden fruit of knowledge”. Here’s an interesting fact to note in the origin of this design’s name, “Gravestein Bear”: I used to be an avid fan of the “Bernstein Bears” books and one of my good friend pointed out that the word, “Gravestein”, was actually a type of apple. So from that moment, we chose “Gravestein Bear” as the official title. Cool how things just falls in place, huh?

The Greatest Game T-shirt

“The Greatest Game” shirt was my way of paying homage to basketball as a sport, and how it has influenced the culture through it’s existence. From fashion, media, and music, basketball has created an endless road of impact in our culture. The number 23 and the uniform’s colorway are all reminiscence of Michael Jordan time with the Chicago Bulls. Who can deny Michael Jordan’s importance for basketball and impact on our culture?

Lion KNGS T-shirt

Lion King has always been, hands down, my favorite Disney movie. So when I drafted this design, I mix-mashed the Lion King theme with the Toronto Raptors logo as my own way of paying homage to the movie and the iconic Basketball team’s logo. Of course since our brand is well known for the acronym of “K.N.G. (Knowledge Never Goes)”, I just had to implement it on the title “Lion KNGS” hit for the design.

Dragon-Saba Sword T-Shirt

Who haven’t wished they were the white/green Power Ranger at one point in their lives? I know I’ve meddled around with the White and Green Ranger complex, but seeing how they were both played by the legendary, Tommy, I just couldn’t help but make a homage design for my beloved childhood action television show! I went in a direction where the mix-mashing of the White and Green ranger was unique and creative, and what better way then to combine the iconic Saba-Sword with the Dragon-Dagger? I dig it!

Well, that’s Loyal K.N.G. Summer/Fall 2010 fully explained. I hope y’all enjoyed the insightful read as much it was for me to design them! Read the Official Launch of the Summer/Fall line here, and check out our Online Store here.