In our follow-up post on Kixpo 2010 weekend (PART 1 can be read here), we will cover all the wonderful folks that dropped by to chat, chill, and kick it with us. The venue was melting our skin from our bones, by now it shouldn’t even be a big surprise… (If y’all been keeping up with us, you already know heated venues are a regular in our line of work: H-Town Sneaker Summit & Street Jam 3.0), but that didn’t stop the GOOD times from rollin.

These guys were one of the first folks to roll through!

This is Bryan Blue of Unkommon Kolor repping the brand’s Logo Plush, one of none!

Grab some photos and stickers!

Passing these stickers out are costly, almost all gone though… Limited edition STICKERS!

Smiles all around!

Check my buddies from Houston TX, Reuben of Grits and Mike of RemixLabel.

There’s a lot of these photos with so much wonderful people, and not so much details I can drop… I think I’m gonna throw out random thoughts from here on out.

Our good friend Adikt Dave and his beautiful girlfriend!

It’s Heat Seeker Krew’s Samcolt12!

So I’m currently listening to Kanye West and Rick Ross’s “Live Fast and Die Young REMIX”…

….”We gonna be living like this for the rest of our LIVES…”

Ohhh interruption to my random thoughts, these two old friends of ours are always chillin with us at our past shows! I have to say sorry to them since they were looking for a Friday the 13th Jason Paleta shirt, but we sold out in their sizes… Sorry bros!!!

…”Live fast, die Young!”…

Yep, I just quoted Kanye West.

Hey! Look at this good couple, totally swaggin’ out on some Loyal K.N.G. oddities.

These two girls had the tightest style that passed our table!

Doubling up on that Loyal K.N.G.!

Coming through with that OG Loyal K.N.G. Brain Freeze Sticker!

Beautiful smile! What a nice big smile can do… and it’s free! Well, sometimes… haha. I guess depending on who you trying to get smiling.

So I had this random though in my head….

…and Kanye West’s new Mixtape with Perajok on “G.O.O.D. Music” is pretty crazy…

…Like on the mixtape, there’s a 50second clip of John Legend entitled “Dream” and it’s easily one of my favorite track off the album…

This is a good buddy of mine, Kalan Briggs!

This is Yvonne, and she showed us some love on her blog! Go check it here.

Currently jumping off of Kanye’s newest mixtape, onto John Legend “Once Again” album…

John Legend has a real, real chill voice, and his music just soothes the soul. I can dig it.

…Makes posting these gajillions of photos, a little relaxing.

If you are wondering, I’m currently listening to John Legend’s “Save Room.”

These guys are from Mars Mansion! Super dope crew.

DJ Niro in the house rocking the Logo Loyal K.N.G. button!

Always good to see some Loyal K.N.G. lovin!

LOOK! We actually met our OLD, OLD friends all the way back from our Mecca Dance workshop…. WAY back in the day, check it here. Wow… Love seeing these guys again!

Chilling with Anthony of Thug Boss!

Here’s Loyal K.N.G.’s Trung chilling with the ONE and only ATL’s DJ Gregstreet!

Hope y’all like this super-long edition of KIXPO 2010 recap… and we aren’t even done yet! Wait for the conclusion to our recap coming up next…