As you guys may all know, Friday the 13th has passed and with that history has been made.  On August 13th, 2010, it marked Loyal K.N.G. premiere of our first collaboration tee with Dallas TX’s Sour Grapes 13 Graffiti crew at CocoAndre Cocolatier. Being involved in our first Art Show premiere with Arturo Donjuan of Sour Grapes 13 was a fortunate happening for us, and we will never forget what Friday 13th of 2010 meant for the rest of our lives. It was fun, festive, and fresh memories were made. The art show had people trickling in from all over, and for hours the art show had people packed tightly within the confines of the building. People were networking, making new friends, and most importantly, smiling. We had a good time at our first Art show, and can’t wait to see y’all again in the future… very, very soon!

This is Eddie Castro (Sour Grapes 13 member), he’s the man behind all the wooden Paleta sculptures! We grabbed a quick photo of Eddie chilling at the Art show with his daughter.

This art piece was created by Sopa Sour Grapes for the Art Show, and also in commemoration of Friday the 13th!

Arturo Don Juan aka Arma Sour Grapes is signing a sold art piece to the Oak Cliff, Dallas TX, city council!

Carlos DonJuan aka Nezo Sour Grapes, chilling for his brother, Arturo, premiere art show!

Pebbles (left) hanging out with some young Sour Grapes supporters! Much love in the house.

Future generation supporters of the Sour Grapes 13 movement!

Now here are all the collages of what went down that night:

Lots of smiles… Lots of memories… Lots of love in the house!

Now let’s see what the Loyal K.N.G. was up too… certainly no good! Joking, it was good times rolling.

Big smiles and love for Sour Grapes x Loyal K.N.G.!

The Loyal K.N.G. boys holding it down at the booth!

This is our good friend and long time supporter, Daniella! She came through as NUMBER 1, first to the art show, and first to pick up the collab shirt! Thanks so much Daniella.

Shout out to everyone who came through… You guys made this all possible! I’m already stoked for the next show!