Last Saturday, the Loyal K.N.G. camp spent an evening at our good friend and Sour Grape 13 crew member, Eddie Castro, to see the in-depth process of the creation of Sour Grapes 13’s famed wooden paleta sculptures. Eddie hooked the crew with some Caprisons and Kool-aid drinks and we set off to work, grabbing photos and videos for the video-recap…

Here’s Eddie taking a sander to the wooden pieces to smoothed the edges for that real paleta appeal.

Oh yea, this is Eddie’s weapon of choice when it comes to mowing down zombies whenever that apocalyptic day arrives… 2012?!

Cutting wood… hahahahaa.

Heading back into Eddie’s Studio to further the process of the wooden paletas creation.

Using good ole’ sharpies to get them clean, clean lines drawn.

Eddie showing us all the eyes of future paletas…

Eddie getting some work in!

The evolution of the Sour Grapes 13 paletas from it’s first variation on their first run of t-shirts into the most current form, the wooden alien paleta!

This paleta right here is dubbed “The Paddle Paleta”… Try to guess why.

In our next chapter of “A Day in A Sour Grapes…” will be the video documentation… Produced by your’s truly, Loyal K.N.G.!