A few weeks ago the Loyal K.N.G. crew were invited to watch Dallas, TX, finest crew of artists, Sour Grapes 13, graffiti walls for the Shag Carpet party prop corporation. It was our pleasure to handle the video-documentation of all the activities as a way to promote the up-coming August Friday the 13th Sour Grapes 13 Art show by Arturo DonJuan. It was no doubt a laid-back day chilling with some of the most inspirational artists I have had the pleasure to work with…

Here’s Sopa Grapes adding some vibrant strokes to the “Skill” graffiti piece.

And here’s Arma Grapes finishing up the small details for the “Epic” graffiti piece.

Sour Grapes 13 weapon of choice! Beats mine… which happens to be a mouse.

Sopa Grapes picking through his weapons.

The planning stages. This is where it all comes to life.

Big smiles from Arma Grapes as the crew prepare for a good day’s work.

Now here’s our official promotional video production for the Sour Grapes 13 crew! Check it below: