This is our PART 2 post of our Houston 2010 Sneaker Summit recap (you can catch the PART 1 here). In this post, I just wanted to give a big shout-out to all of Houston and to all the cool folks who dropped by the Loyal K.N.G. booth and copped a piece of history! We were stuck in the tightest corner, of the most heated room, sweating like we were in a sauna, and if it couldn’t be any worse, we had the most darkly lighted area. However, we held our smile and we did what we were suppose to do, which was to talk, engage, and make a life connection, because if you can’t bring a smile to someone’s face, then what is your purpose? We’ve always been about showing the love back to the community, whether it be from our weekly Loyal K.N.G. video re-cap productions (check here), blogs (check here), or even chatting with y’all one-on-one at these shows!

This is our H-town Sneaker Summit recap, and it is our THANKS to y’all for making us work hard 18hrs/days… with a purpose. We are passionate about what we do, and more so we are passionate about our friends, supporters, and fans… Love y’all to pieces!

This is our good friend AdiktDave!

This is GRITS and owner, Reuben Levi!

And here’s all the BIG UPS to all our new friends and supporters that came through to show us that MAJOR love!

History is being written… And you guys are all apart of it! Thank you so, so much!