On August the 2nd, 2010, the Loyal K.N.G. crew hit up Houston bi-annual Sneaker Summit event to premiere the summer 2010 series. The summit is basically the biggest gathering of sneaker aficionados from all around Texas and even states as far as Arkansas, California, and beyond. So there were no doubts in our mind about whether we would go or not. This is street-culture in the making, to be a part of that was just another chapter in our book. Sneakers of all variety were in masses, live-hip-hop performances went down, and there were endless traffic to our little Loyal K.N.G. area. It was a fun time for us, but most of all it was a great time talking with all our new friends!

UPDATE: Part 2 of the Houston 2010 Sneaker Summit recap up… Showing the love back to you guys. Read here.

She was a reporter for Houston’s streetwear boutique, Sucker Punch!

This is DJ2DOPEDAVE the owner of City Trendz in Laredo, TX, with his girlfriend! Definitely, if you are in Laredo, then you must stop by his boutique and check out all the latest streetwear gear he’s bringing to the city!

These guys are from the Putting People On Game crew! Go visit their site, bookmark it, and stay up-to-date on what’s hot!

This is Young Thirsty and his girlfriend, he’s also apart of the Putting People On Game crew.

This lady brought along her puppy dog, we couldn’t hesitate to grab a photo with her!

This is Reese (right) and her friend! She’s a photographer for Exclusive Taste.

She wanted to model for the camera, we happily obliged.

This dude had a sick fit… Mickey Mouse kicks, and a Mickey mouse tee to match? Yea, he pretty much stood out as the coolest dude at the summit.

That’s Cary Fagan (right) of Brand with No Name.

SKNDLS brand showcasing their gear.

Dallas, Fort Worth’s Heat Seeker Krew do not play when it comes to the SNEAKER HEAT game.

The ultimate SIZE 16 sneaker collection by Terrance of Heat Seeker Krew… DOPE.

And now here’s for a compilation of all the people we grabbed photos of, we proudly connected with these folks one way or another, and felt it be only right to feature them here on our Houston Sneaker Summit 2010 blog recap! Check it out below:

This is just only the first part of two blog post for the Houston 2010 Sneaker Summit… On the next part we will be covering all the people who supported us and copped some gear. We will also be premiering our H-Town Sneaker Summit video re-cap, and you already know that’s going to be a treat.