Over the past Saturday, we rushed to Austin, TX, early in the morning to kick it in the great capital city. While we were in Austin, we caught the meet and greet, along with the concert performed by the one and only, Chip Tha Ripper! We had made the 5 hour drive out to just enjoy a time chilling out and watching one of our favorite up-and-coming hip-hop artist, and experience the Austin TX vibrant nightlife. It was a fun day filled with non-stop walking, sweating, and getting lost, but it was worth it… Why you asked? Because Chip totally rocked Loyal K.N.G.‘s Summer 2010 “Born To Dream” tee for his final Texas Gift Rap tour in Dallas the following day. Ohhh yeeeeaaaaa! Happy face!

Here’s Chip Tha Ripper grabbing some photos with his fans and supporters!

And now here’s Chip Tha Ripper showin’ us some love in Dallas TX!

Ohhh yeaaa… Chip Tha RIPPER!

Here’s some video clips of Chip’s Dallas performance:

Now for the A capella:

Chip and his Manager chilling on the VIP lounge in Austin after the performance!
The following photos are collages of the meet and greet and Chip Tha Ripper concert in Austin, TX.

It was a crazy day, and even more crazy was the 10 hour total drive… We definitely had to stock up on the energy drinks, but we still ended up crashing a few hours in our car… So not safe driving when you are drowsy. Don’t do what we do, just find a hotel please.