Over our weekend I went on vacation, not that I wanted too, but it was one of those “you have to go vacation” thing. Well, I couldn’t argue much, but it wasn’t all that bad. I spent an entire day at New Braunfels’ Schlitterbahn swimming and riding all the water rides. Then the following day my family and I headed out to San Antonio’s Sea World! I ended up catching all of the scheduled shows that Sea World had to offer and enjoyed my time away from the constant grind. It was great to chill out and take my mind off work, but I’m certainly happy to be back to work now!

Check some of the photos of my Sea World trip below:

This show had tons of talented Sea Lions! It made me smile.

Shamoo attack X2.

This show was called Azul, and had some wicked acrobatics doing some of the most insane dives I’ve had the pleasure to witness.

Jumping birdmen.

Summer-sault free Willy!

Sea-lions flipping out on stage.

The set!

The other set.


Can’t be at Sea World and not see some water-ski tricks!