Omega Supreme’s appearance in “War for Cybertron” just made my heart complete, what makes it even better is that there is a replica action figure/toy of him on eBay for $3,000! Personally the price is a bit to hefty for me to partake in, but it’s still super amazing looking! Head over to the eBay auction here, ebay.

An eBay auction has recently posted for this custom-created Transformer. The creator and seller, who goes by the tag uuser, crafted the custom figure. “In this custom, I want to merge different styles into my work, but still keep the soul of G1 character. So I keep the head mask, claw, canon arm and front armor in robot mode, and make him transform into a base, tank and a spaceship, as an upgrade from a simple rocket, I want Omega to be more powerful, even in his alt mode.”

Via: GIN