As usual, when we tour different cities, you wouldn’t believe the most random run in we have with hip-hop artists. While we were walking the roads of Austin, TX, we ran into J. Cole! That’s right the man who has graced the front cover of XXL magazine as 2010’s top freshman of the hip-hop game.

And just recently, J. Cole has dropped his music video for his “Who Dat” single. The video is a amazing one-shot take of J. Cole walking through different area and scenes meeting and running into groups of kids, adults, school bands, exploding cars, and some other odd-ball obstructions. This video is a very well-edited music video, and the fact that J. Cole delivers an excellent track (Who Dat) makes for a very successful drop! We here at Loyal K.N.G. can’t wait to see how J. Cole will progress through his career as an artist.

(left Loyal K.N.G.’s Trung, right hip-hop artist, J. Cole!)