So get this, we ran into Donnis a few months back during one of our Texas tour. During our visit to Austin, TX, we visited Sole Fresco, low-and-behold, we ran into Donnis! If y’all don’t know already, Donnis is a super-talented up-and-coming hip hop artist. And just recently he has released his newest mixtape entitled “Fashionably Late“. Donnis is a super-chill dude, and we were definitely ecstatic to meet the guy behind all the fresh tracks we had on rotation.

Donnis’ “Fashionably Late” mixtape proves his continuous growth  as an artist. The mixtape is full of original production beats by Needlz, and there are even some big-name cameos from GOOD music artists, such as Tony Williams,  John Legend, GLC and more. For anybody in need of some fresh, fresh hip-hop, then I urge y’all to check out his newest mixtape, “Fashionably Late“.

Download it here.

Loyal K.N.G.’s Trung had to grab a photo with the man-himself, Donnis!